Nee-Cee was born as a natural consequence of an experience of over 10 years in promotion and marketing within the rock and metal scene. Our staff’s personal experience comes from a wide range of collaborations amongst some of the best artists and labels belonging to the music scene.
Nee-Cee is a communication agency born to promote artists, their releases and appearances, sounds and visions by spreading information about their music, images and concepts to the right contacts within the huge and often disorienting world of the Italian media.
We collaborate with press, on line publications, radio and TV stations, vigorously supporting our promoted releases, making sure to pass them on to people who truly appreciate the products and introducing them to new media outlets in order to widen their audience and increase the public awareness of our artists and labels.
We provide an effective, efficient and serious media coverage through our mailings, relying on regular personal contacts and constant feedback. Our active involvement creates strong partnerships with the labels, allowing a continuous feedback in the promotional process.
We can promote not only a single artist’s release but we can represent the entire label working on increasing its profile, being an official contact and promoting the whole catalogue in our territory.
We can evaluate the potential of the artist in our territory in terms of sales and, consequently, develop an adequate promotion plan that matches budget and sales perspectives.
All this finds a concrete form throughout several specific activities developed case by case: newsletter, press days, interviews from remote locations, in store mailing, clubs and festivals mailing, radio and press contests, walk in store (+ in store live sets), booking assistance, covermount CD’s, advertising campaigns, weekly reports to the labels, monthly press kits and any new idea which may be developed depending on the project to work on.
We don’t put limits to the music genres we represent, although we are definitely specialized in heavy metal, hard rock, rock, alternative rock, hardcore, punk.



Retail promotion & marketing

Nee-Cee draws up an order form (sales sheet) for each release. The sales sheet features

– album cover
– tracklist
– overview
– sales / marketing highlights
– other promotional activities

The sales sheet is sent to the sale agents.

Nee-Cee takes care of in-store mailing providing listening promo copies to all the main record stores in Italy. The in-store mailing order forms, features press release, postcards, posters, flyers and snippets CD’s whenever they are available. A detailed list of the mailing done is provided to the Label.

Nee-Cee takes care of the training of the sale agents. The sales force must know

– the kind of products they are selling
– the market and the sales potential
– the most suitable kind of shops / retailers for the product

According to the sales potential, Nee-Cee places pre-orders and orders, and takes care of the stock.

Nee-Cee manages the budget in relation to the sales and market potential.

Nee-Cee runs special retail campaigns with independent shops and the biggest chains, such as Mediaworld, Fnac, etc. These campaigns are advertised on print press, and online.

Nee-Cee sets up walk in stores for records signing and fans meetings according to the Artist’s availability.

Nee-Cee’s goal is not only to run the music business, but also to find and develop new opportunities with new media (with a particular attention to the online market), in order to expand the market for our products.

Advertising campaigns
In order to promote a mid-price campaign or a new release, to re-promote a recent one during a tour or for any other reason, Nee-Cee suggests to the Label the most suitable magazines and radio stations to place adverts and commercials according to the kind of release we are promoting.

The service includes:
– Developing of the advertising investment plan according with the distributor’s sales expectation and Label’s budget.
– Mailing of promotional items (cd, info-sheet and press kit) to selected booking agencies.
– Advertising booking.
– Layout developing in cooperation with our graphic designers (unless the artwork is provided by the Label).
– Sending of the artwork by e-mail to get the Label’s approval.
– Films and/or cd-r manufacturing and shipping in order to provide graphic parts to the magazines within the deadline. Mailing of magazines’ pages to the Label as soon as the adverts are published.
– advertising online (banners will be posted in the most relevant online media)

Radio/web/press contest
Nee-Cee sets up contests on the main radio stations, magazines and websites offering free tickets, cd’s, or any kind of gadget available for the Artist or the Label (t-shirts, bags, etc.) in order to promote a tour, a specific release or a retail campaign.

Booking assistance
If the Artist has not set up a tour yet, Nee-Cee introduces and proposes him to Italian booking agencies in agreement with the European one.

The service includes:
– Research of the more suitable booking agency for the Artist.
– Mailing of promotional items (cd, info-sheet and press kit) to selected booking agencies.
– E-mails and phone calls with the booking agencies and/or clubs in order to check their interest and, in case of a positive feedback, Nee-Cee connects the booking agency with the Artist’s management.
– A detailed list of all promotion activity is reported to the Label.

Release Parties
Nee-Cee send samples of music (promos) to all the clubs in its list and to their deejays on a monthly basis : that helps with getting music regularly played. When Nee-Cee s fixes the date for a Party, it sends them some free CD’s and advertising material. Quantity depends on club’s capability.

Usually Nee-Cee offers promo CDs, full-length albums, stickers, and when available, gadgets and posters to trick out the place.

As part of the agreement, the deejay plays our music during the night. Nee-Cee always sends there a few street team kids, who, within a few days, report on the situation and what has really been going on.

Street Team
Nee-Cee recruits people who are willing and able to spread its news and info.

Street Team distributes flyers, stickers, etc.

Street Team members will receive free goodies, promos and other stuff.

Nee-Cee recruits people who are willing and able to spread its news and info online.

E-Team votes / requests songs and videos to radios and TV’s, and spreads the word online (forums, message boards, etc.).

Nee-Cee provides E-Team members with banners, e-cards, AIM icons, etc.

E-Team members will receive free goodies, promos and other stuff.

Monthly monitoring reports
Nee-Cee provides e-mail sales/marketing reports released on a monthly base and containing the monthly forecast, marketing spent, general market information (general status of the market, competitor activities), the calendar of upcoming activities, and other info (concerns, suggestions and good news)

Nee-Cee is working for partnership with not music related companies (such as Blue Distribution – Atticus, Emily The Strange, Vestal official distributor in Italy).


A promotional cd’s mailing is addressed to selected press, radio and TV stations, websites, clubs or DJs and to any other media contact in our database. Nee-Cee sends promotional cd’s of the Artist to magazines’ editors too in order to arrange the feature of a track (from the Artist’s latest release) in the covermount cd. These free sample cd’s are very common in Italy and are getting very successful and definitely help to introduce new artists and their music to a wider range of listeners. The mailing also includes a one sheet in Italian w/bio, news, web links, press quotes, upcoming tour dates and any other available info about the Artist to provide a detailed information support to the media people. Additional promotional tools (photos, sleeves, etc.) will be provided to the media upon request.

A newsletter mentioning all significant news regarding the Artists currently on promotion will be issued on a bi-monthly basis. It will be sent to press, radio and TV stations, websites, clubs, booking agencies.

Press day
A press day involves the set up of a press session with the Artist in Italy.

The service includes:
– A press release sent through e-mail (along with updated bio and photo) to all the media contacts included in our database.
– Phone calls/emails to schedule face to face interviews or email/phoners and to agree date, length and details.
– A complete interviews schedule sent by Nee-Cee to the Label.
– Nee-Cee’s person presence to coordinate interviews in order to ensure the press day success by timing control.

Whenever the Artist is not available on our territory for a press day or during a tour when times are often too tight to include promotional activities, interviews will be organized by phone or e-mail according with the Artist availability.

The service includes:
– A press release sent through e-mail (along with updated bio and photo) to all the media contacts included in our database.
– Phone calls/emails to schedule email interviews or phoners and to agree date, length and details.
– A complete interviews schedule sent by Nee-Cee to both to the Label.

Tour support
This is intended to feature all kind of promotional and supporting activities during an Artist’s tour in Italy. Promotional activities will be coordinated by the tour manager, who will receive a schedule including dates, times, locations and details; Nee-Cee’s person presence to coordinate interviews in order to ensure the press day success by timing control.

The service includes:
– Mailing of a press release including Italian tour dates, bio and photo to all the media contacts included in our database; besides, Nee-Cee will address the same information to select key shops along the tour itinerary .
– Setting up of walk in store events with the Artist: showcases, record signing, live sets, fans meeting (see also retail promotion paragraph).
– Phone calls in order to arrange gig previews, face to face interviews, live broadcasting, live reviews and/or live set, video footage, etc.
– Coordination of all invitations to press and guest list.
– Organization of radio and/or websites contests offering free tickets in agreement with the local promoter.
– Co operational activities with tour agencies and local promoters in order to provide additional assistance and logistics according to time schedule, deadlines, etc.

Monthly monitoring reports
Nee-Cee provides e-mail promotion reports released on a monthly bases and containing reviews, interviews, features, charts and radio playlists related to the Artist and selected from a wide range of magazines, websites, radio and tv stations and dj’s charts.

Monthly presskit
Upon request and/or whenever it is not possible to e-mail articles and cover magazines we post a monthly press kit featuring photo copies of all articles, interviews, reviews, charts, magazine covers, video airplays related to the Artist during the whole month. A VHS tape or DVD will be enclosed in the shipment whenever TV interviews with the Artist have been broadcasted in our territory.