CRΩHM – unveal lyric video for “Castles Of Sand”; live album “Paindemic” OUT NOW!

Today, Italian heavy metallers CRΩHM are pleased to announce the release of their live album “Paindemic”.

To celebrate this event the band unveils the lyric video for “Castles Of Sand”.
Watch “Castles Of Sand” here:

The band comments:
We are glad to present our fourth record and it is particularly exciting that it is a live album released during an artistically terrible time. It is no coincidence that we have entitled it ‘Paindemic’, a mirror of the suffering which this situation has caused on all levels. The concert was recorded with the participation of Flavia Simonetti on violin, who allowed us to revisit many of our songs and give them a new look. You will have CRΩHM in your ears as if they were at your home!”.
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The show was recorded at Teatro Splendor in Aosta on May 1st 2021 by Enrico Fumasoli e Marco Zaffuto (Fumasoli Audio & Lights Rental). During that night the heavy metal from CRΩHM, featuring the violinist Flavia Simonetti, met rap from Fabio “Fungo” Rean and Andrea “Sago” Di Renzo.

Mix, digital editing and mastering are by Luca Cocconi and Simone Sighinolfi at Audiocore Studio, Fontevivo (Italy).

The track listing of “Paindemic” reads as follows:

  1. Eternal Peace
  2. Castles Of Sand*
  3. The Dark Side*
  4. Deep Blue*
  5. Restart
  6. Insatiable* (Acoustic Version)
  7. Ride The Storm (I Am CRΩHM)
  8. The Wash-Sin Machine
  9. Failure In The System@
  10. Post Fata Resurgo*@
  11. Run For Your Life*
  12. Mountains*
  13. Fire And Ice
  14. Until You Disappear*

* Flavia Simonetti (violin) on tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14
@Fabio Rean aka Fungo (vocals) – Andrea Di Renzo (vocals) aka Dj Sago on tracks 9, 10

 The 14 songs are about the suffering due to pandemic from several points of view: physical disease (illness and death), mental suffering (lockdown), economic problems, freedom lost, relationships problems, etc.

All the songs are by CRΩHM except “Post Fata Resurgo”, written by Fabio Rean aka Fungo. Artwork is by Giulia Malabocchia. Photos were taken by Davide Fiorani, Pierfrancesco Grizi, Davide Bernasconi and Martina Bertoli.

CRΩHM are:
Sergio Fiorani (vocals)
Claudio Zanchetta ‘Zac’ (guitars, vocals)
Riccardo Taraglio ‘Rick’ (bass, vocals)
Fabio Cannatà (drums)
Flavia Simonetti (violin)

Fabio Rean aka Fungo (vocals)
Sago (DJ)

CRΩHM online: