Heavy metallers REVOLTONS release their new album “Celestial Violence” today via Sleazy Rider Records

Today long-running Italian heavy metallers REVOLTONS release their long-awaited seventh studio album “Celestial Violence” via Sleazy Rider Records.

Order the album HERE: https://sleaszyrider.com/product/revoltons-celestial-violence-pre-order/

Recently the band unleashed the official video for the song Escape or Drown”.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:  https://youtu.be/sDeC_17yg7Y

 “‘Escape or Drown’ talks about all those toxic relationships where even if you would like to help someone sometimes you are forced to flee because their negativity risks dragging you into the abyss together with this person. It doesn’t matter the deep bond you have with her, whether it’s love, deep friendship or whether you’re just moved by a sense of duty, or you ESCAPE OR DROWN!”, comments the band.

The video was filmed and edited by Marco Falanga and Beatrice Demori (www.oround.it) and features Angelo Bruna and Juanita Cozzi as main actors.

The track listening reads as follows

  1. 2020 Alternative
    2. Escape or Drown
    3. Generation Mask
    4. The Darkfall
    5. Nany John Skennon
    6. Low Ranking Businessman
    7. The Game
    8. Reality is a Crime
  2. Spiritual Monster
    10. Cosmic Disabled
    11. Lockdown Diaries
    12. Violentia Patris Caelestis?

“Celestial Violence” was produced and mastered by Ivan Moni Bidin and Christopher Burelli at Artesonika Studio.

The artwork was designed by REVOLTONS’ bass player Simone Sut at N.B.S. Imagination & Design.

Antonio Boscari: Vocals

Alex Corona: Guitars

Carlo Venuti: Guitars

Elvis Ortolan: Drums

Simone “Zimon” Sut: Bass