HELL OBELISCO – unleash new video clip; pre-orders active now!

Italian heavy sludge metallers HELL OBELISCO will release their long awaited debut album “Swamp Wizard Rises” on March 23, 2018 via Argonauta Records.

Recorded with Para (Boat Studio) and Paso (Studio 73) “Swamp Wizard Rises” will feature 9 songs.

Today the band unleashes the video clip for the first single “Earth Rage Apocalypse”.


Frontman Andrew states:

“The song describes the final dialogue between Mother Earth and the man. After millennia of mistreatment and violence the Earth decides to unleash the fury of nature as a huge last suicide act to clean the surface from the virus of humanity. Man tries to justify his behaviour talking about the good things he has done, how he made fertile the ground and how he prospered the progress, and so on. But it’s too late now. The idea came to us after the last Rigopiano snow tragedy. We imagined a kind of stop from our dear and devastated planet. HELL OBELISCO takes care of these issues and we will always try to give our positive support”.


Pre-orders for “Swamp Wizard Rises” are available now:


“Swamp Wizard Rises” will feature Tony J.J. from TRANSPORT LEAGUE and Carmelo Orlando from NOVEMBRE as special guests in 2 songs (“Voodoo Alligator Blood” and “Biting Killing Machine”).


The cover artwork has been designed by Roberto Toderico, who has previously worked with the band.


“Swamp Wizard Rises” track-listing:

1. Voodoo Alligator Blood
2. Teenage Mammoth Club
3. Escaping Devil Bullets
4. Earth Rage Apocalypse
5. Biting Killing Machine
6. Death Moloch Rising
7. Dead Dawn Duel
8. High Speed Demon
9. Black Desert Doom


Andrew – Front Row Mammoth
Doc – Six Sludge Strings
Fraz – Seven Doomed and Lowered Strings
Alex – Behind The Skins