“Oh wow Australian friends! So as you know, Download Festival was cancelled.

Unfortunately, we’d already printed a ton of t-shirts in Australia to sell at those shows. They’re currently sitting in a warehouse gathering dust somewhere in Woolloomooloo (which is allegedly a real place). If you want to get your hands on one of these limited edition shirts, while also doing us a massive favor by paying for our toilet paper stash, get one NOW from this link: https://directtouring.bigcartel.com“.


“These are concerning and unprecedented times. Amidst the uncertainty of how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, or how severe its impact will be, there are countless people desperately struggling to weather the storm.

In an effort to make a positive contribution to our communities and the people closest to us, we are releasing a b-side from our Shaped By Fire album sessions called ‘Destruction or Strength’. It will be available on all streaming platforms and digital retailers, including Bandcamp as a ‘pay what you want”’download. We will also be selling a t-shirt featuring the single artwork.

Check out the video visualizer for “Destruction Or Strength” below:

Listen and download ‘Destruction Or Strength’ here: nuclearblast.com/asilaydying-dos

Purchase the ‘Destruction Or Strength’ cover artwork t-shirt here: asilaydying.bandcamp.com/
All proceeds from both will be aggregated and donated to the following:

AILD Road Crew
Travel restrictions and responsible social-distancing measures have crippled the entire live event industry. While touring is a substantial part of a bands’ income, it is the entire source of financial sustenance for the hard working and talented crew it depends upon. A portion of everything raised will be distributed to our techs and production staff to help alleviate the financial strain of lost income and work opportunity. We love these people as family and want to help them though this the best we can.

Feeding San Diego
With the closures of all schools in our state, Feeding San Diego is being extremely pro-active in distributing food to support students who previously relied on free and reduced priced school meals as their primary source of nutrition. Feeding San Diego is also continuing their efforts in providing hunger relief to senior citizens, low-income families, and all of the workers in our local hospitality, service, and tourist industries who are facing financial hardships from unemployment. The remainder of everything raised will be sent as a monetary contribution to this organization, to assist them in serving the hunger needs of our community.

We recognize this is an uneasy climate for everyone right now so there is no pressure to contribute. At the very least, we hope sharing unreleased music will have a positive impact for those of you excited to hear it.

Please be safe and kind to one another. We will get through this together”.


Like many artists, CELLAR DARLING have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdown measures and show cancellations. Rather than giving in or just asking for money without offering something in return, they’ve announced a campaign where they will provide exclusive content to fans straight from their own homes and rehearsal space, culminating in a live-streamed performance at Lucerne’s Soundfarm Studio.

The campaign will begin on 5 April with a live Q&A session at www.cellardarling.com/lockdown-content

The live stream will take place on 3 May at 20:00 CEST | 19:00 BST | 14:00 EDT | 11:00 PDT | 15:00 BRT | 21:00 MSK | 03:00 JST | 02:00 SGT. Fans will be able to watch at www.cellardarling.com/live-at-soundfarm

Throughout the campaign, fans can contribute by donating directly to the band. The stream itself is ‘pay-what-you-want’ and will also be available for free for those who can’t afford to contribute.

The band comment: “There’s no beating around the bush: we need your help. The recent cancellation of our European tour follows that of our shows in February and March. This means that we, like many artists and self-employed entertainment professionals, face massive expenses and a total loss of income of at least three months. But it’s not just artists who suffer, but all of you, too. Everyone’s life is being impacted, and we think it’s time for some positive distraction on the interwebs. That’s why we are going to set up our gear at Anna’s studio and play for you in your living rooms on 3 May 2020! We’ve also come up with some ideas to shorten the wait, creativity being our main area of expertise. We will launch a “lockdown content” page on the 5 April featuring solo performances, playthroughs, interviews, and more —we might even be taking some requests… We will start this off by doing a live Q&A session at cellardarling.com/lockdown-content on 5 April at 20:00 CEST. Let’s make the best of a bad situation by doing something positive together: rocking out, while staying at home!”.


Between tour and festival cancelations, COVID-19 has affected the entire music industry. DEFTONES are selling merchandise to help out their struggling road crew in these times. Many road crew workers depend on being able to assist with tours as their main source of income, and seeing as concerts are being canceled all over the world, it’s uncertain when they’ll be able to work again.

DEFTONES had to cancel their tour of Australia and New Zealand due to the scope of the disease, but they are still putting the merchandise that was for the tour up for sale online.

Our touring crew is essential for us to go out and do what we do for all of you. We were crushed that we had to cancel our Australia and New Zealand run this month, and our road crew was hit hard. To show them support, we have made our intended merch line for the tour available for purchase online, and we will be giving all profits made back to our crew. If you are able to buy a shirt, we, and they, really appreciate the support. Please note all merchandise will be shipping from AU, and prices reflect AUD. We will see you all soon. Stay safe merchjungle.com/collections/deftones“.


Anyone up for a tour shirt?

The last shows of their tour were canceled, and for the shows that happened, of course many people needed or decided to stay home. EVIL INVADERS have some leftovers and you can get them in their webstore. Needless to say, with shows already canceled and the upcoming festival season being super shaky, they could definitely use your support. Check out EVIL INVADERS webstore and grab anything you like! https://evilinvaders.bigcartel.com/


FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE launched a survival merchandise campaign.

“These are tough times for all touring bands so, if you want to support and give us a contribution, please have a look at the band’s official merch store.

The band just released a brand new t-shirt design, “The Italian Strings,” donated by the amazing Travis Smith (Katatonia, Opeth) and REALPIMP. The design is exclusively available here.

Thanks so much everyone for the huge support we’ve been receiving these days”.


“We regretfully have to announce all touring has been suspended, we will review the situation for the Summer shows in the coming weeks

We ask for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time in the interests of health and welfare of all!

For the April/May shows we are in the process of rescheduling them to September/October, original tickets purchased will remain valid for all rescheduled shows. Updates to follow!

This is a devastating time for everyone and as a band it is no different.
To this end we have made our digital back catalog “name your price” on our Bandcamp page, any contribution
will be of great help.


In the meantime, we will keep busy and will finish our new album.

Stay Safe, look after your Family and Friends!!!”.


You can stream and download their recent Facebook live session via Bandcamp to support the band:

The band states, “It’s 2020 and the world is staying at home. It’s the time that we will remember as the year of Corona or something – a situation unprecedented for all of us and especially for musicians and music lovers. We can’t play or go to shows and the whole music industry holds it’s breath.
When we embarked on our European leg of the tour earlier in March, the situation around Covid-19 was uncertain already and there was no clear information on how restrictions might or might not affect our shows. After the second show, we headed back to Berlin, unable to finish the tour. Two days later, the tours in Australia / New Zealand and North America were cancelled as well.  It’s not going to be easy, but we are trying to make the best of what we have here and now.
So here is part 1 of our contribution to keeping the ball rolling somehow… Originally a live stream via FaceBook, we chose to make the audio also available in high quality.”

KADAVAR also started a GoFundMe campaign. If you want to make a donation, please go to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/kadavar-corona-concert
You can also buy merch from the official online shop: https://kadavar.myshopify.com


“Coilers, we’ve just added some fresh designs to our merch store! Also, note that with immediate effect, 20% of net profits on ALL MERCH sold until April 30th, will be donated to Hospital Papa Giovanni XXII in Bergamo, Italy to fight the Covid-19 crisis.

If you want to donate directly go here: Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXll: http://www.asst-pg23.it/2020/03/_emergenza_coronavirus_come_aiutarci/

Shop here“.


Toilet Paper Emergency: Help Keep Nanowar Clean!

Alright guys, we understand there’s the coronavirus emergency out there, but you know, there are also other emergencies in life: TOILET PAPER!

Ours is over and we need money to buy more on the black market, since it’s nowadays impossible to find in supermarkets.

Help keep our asses clean! (*)


(*) Disclaimer: The toilet paper story is just a joke in order to laugh a little bit in these crazy times. All the money raised will be donated to the Spallanzani hospital in our hometown Rome.


As you may know THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA had to cancel their European tour because of Covid-19 pandemic. So they are now selling their tour merchandise. “Passengers! Since we cannot fly anymore, we extended our online duty free shop! Take your chance to grab some of our tour merch. Shipping worldwide🕺🏼 https://www.tidywebshop.se/nightflightorchestra/shop/


Ricardo Gelok, NON SERVIAM RECORDS‘ CEO, has a message for you!

Non Serviam Records – #IKeepRockAlive

#IKeepRockAliveRicardo Gelok, Non Serviam Records' CEO, has a message for you!Check the Non Serviam Records online shop and purchase your favourite stuff with a 20% discount:https://www.non-serviam-records.com/collections/cdsSupport music and keep rock alive!

Posted by NeeCee Agency on Saturday, 28 March 2020

Check the NON SERVIAM RECORDS online shop and purchase your favourite stuff with a 20% discount:

Support music and keep rock alive!


ROTTING CHRIST were supposed to be headlining this year’s Devastation on the Nation tour but it was postponed because of the coronavirus . Which leaves Rotting Christ with a whole inventory of shirts featuring tour dates they’ll never get to play. But the Greek band is making the best of a bad situation! They’re now selling all those shirts for fifteen bucks a pop, and have pledged to donate all the profits to the World Health Organization: https://www.jsrdirect.com/merch/rotting-christ/heretics-north-american-tour-2020-t-shirt

“We willdonate any profit from our ‘The Heretics-special price tour shirt” purchase, to the World Health Organization. That’s one little activity for a band-an important life attitude these days. Stay safe and we cross paths again brothers and sisters.”


Metalitalia.com e Spaziorock.it in questo momento di allerta nazionale a causa dell’epidemia di coronavirus uniscono le forze per sostenere la Croce Rossa Italiana e il costante impegno delle sue migliaia di volontari e operatori nell’emergenza in corso. La Croce Rossa Italiana è attiva in prima linea fin dall’inizio dell’allerta Covid-19 con molteplici ruoli, tra cui soccorso in emergenza, supporto sanitario, psicologico, logistico, informativo, di controllo, screening e sta svolgendo molte altre attività cruciali nella battaglia contro questa epidemia che sta mettendo in ginocchio il paese. In collaborazione con il Ministero della Salute, Croce Rossa Italiana sta gestendo in sicurezza il trasporto dei pazienti verso e tra le strutture sanitarie di competenza, attraverso l’uso dei mezzi speciali di alto biocontenimento predisposti in caso di emergenze sanitarie come questa. Oltre all’attività di emergenza, però Croce Rossa continua a stare accanto alle persone più vulnerabili che sono in casa. Inaugurando il tempo della gentilezza, la CRI ha intensificato tutti i servizi per i più fragili come la spesa a domicilio, il trasporto infermi, la consegna dei farmaci e dei beni di prima necessità. Chiediamo a tutti voi fan, artisti, case discografiche e lavoratori del settore musicale di supportare la nostra iniziativa. La community rock è sempre stata unita e volta al sostegno reciproco. Un piccolo gesto per aiutare la nostra comunità e tornare alla normalità al più presto possibile, con la speranza di rivederci presto tutti sotto al palco!

La campagna è stata lanciata sul sito GoFundMe, a questo link è possibile effettuare la donazione. Grazie a tutti, il vostro sostegno è prezioso.

ENG: Following the declaration of national emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Metalitalia.com and Spaziorock.it joined forces to support the Italian Red Cross and the constant commitment of its thousands of employees and volunteers in the current struggle.


Sabato 19 settembre si terrà il REQUIEM OF DESTRUCTION FEST II, evento a sostegno dell’hard rock/heavy metal italiano che stavolta vedrà la partecipazione di 17 band inedite, tutte validissime e piuttosto invogliate a vivere una favolosa serata di musica live, sperando di poter lasciarsi alle spalle la brutta esperienza del Covid-19.
L’evento sarà accompagnato anche da un contest, attraverso il quale verranno selezionate le band emergenti che si esibiranno sul palco B. Il ricavato dalle iscrizioni sarà raccolto e donato a tutti gli ospedali della Romagna per aiutare medici, infermieri, e tutti gli operatori sanitari ad affrontare l’emergenza sanitaria.
Tale raccolta fondi non è mirata a coinvolgere solo i musicisti partecipanti alla competizione, chiunque potrà contribuire con una donazione destinata ad aiutare gli ospedali cliccando questo link gf.me/u/xq6r5v
Evento Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/279397259711852


“Dear Jupiterians, as you already know and probably expected, the remaining dates of the Tarja tour have been postponed, resulting in big financial losses for us. More than ever, we need your support to help covering those costs, so we have set up a new webshop with new items, including the tour T-Shirt, old stock and album repressings, as well as a special item. If you love this band, we urge you to buy something and help us keep going. Any purchase will include a photo signed by all the band members. Thank you so much! Stay safe and take care of yourselves and the ones around you!


Turilli / Lione RHAPSODY

“As you all know, the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has been causing havoc in pretty much everyone’s lives and our band is just another one of thousands in the touring industry affected by it. We have been forced to postpone our Latin America tour after two dates, as well as the upcoming European tour coming up in the months of April and May.

We decided to donate 100% of all income from the Gofundme campaign to the Italian RED CROSS in order to support the fight against this worldwide emergency and to help our valiant doctors, those real heroes risking and losing their lives on a daily basis for all of us”.



Tune in for a live rehearsal, Q&A, and full album stream to help benefit artists affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.twitch.tv/nuclearblast


“For those of you that missed out because the tour was #COVIDCancelled, our ‘Expedition Tour’ shirts are now available for purchase on IndieMerchstore!

We reeeeally appreciate your support on this, the cancellation has left us pretty badly in the red and every shirt sold helps us get back on track! We also have the black & white Archer raglan up there, plus we will be restocking the Apex 2LP and Explorers 7″ EP in black, orange, and green as soon as the shipment arrives at IndieMerch

Thank you so much for your help everyone, we are still devastated that we are quarantined in our homes instead of rocking out with you guys this week, but we promise we will return VERY SOON, and with a new album in hand no less!!!

Love you all and please BE SAFE!!! <3”



“Due to local legislation the rest of the tour with DRAGONFORCE is canceled as well as our headlining shows in New Jersey and Canada.

We are so sad and extremely disappointed that we can’t play in all the cities on this leg after having waited for so long to get a chance to come back to the USA. We are very sorry for all the people who wanted to see us, Unleash the Archers and Dragonforce.

This being said, this cancellation is a financial catastrophe for the band right now. We had a lot of costs to bear:
– the visas,
– our flight tickets,
– our bus rental,
– our crew salaries,
– everyday food,
– the merchandise production
– and now new flight tickets…

It’s thousands of dollars that the fees from the shows and the merchandise sales were supposed to cover… All these shows aren’t happening anymore so we are now in debt with no immediate solution to how to cover for all this.

So this time we really need your help.

Here’s our tour shirt with all the American dates at the back. You can get if for 30$ shipping included. You can also, if you wanna be super supportive, use this platform to make a donation, this would help us SOO much…!!”