Italian black death metallers SIRRUSH unveil the title track of their new album “Molon Labe” to be released on November 25th via Non Serviam Records

Today Italian black death metallers SIRRUSH unveil the title track of their upcoming album Molon Labewhich will be released via Non Serviam Records on November 25th 2022.



Intense and frenetic riffs set the stage for the clash between the Spartan warriors, driven by a desire to preserve their freedom, and the Persian advance. Chaos and destruction are musically balanced with their counterpart, which symbolize what will allow the victory of the few warriors over the hostile multitude. Melodic atmospheres will serve to echo the Spartan success, sending a message of security to the whole of Greece but at the same time underlining the strength of those dedicated to safeguarding what is threatened to them. Melody, violence, modern and evocative riffs, frantic and extreme rhythms describe the various phases of this battle and immerse us in this scenario. Do you want our weapons? Molon Labe!”, comments the band.

Molon Labewill be released as CD digipak and digital. The pre-orders of the new album are available here:



“Molon Labe” (in ancient Greek: μολὼν λαβέ, Molòn labé, literally “come and take”) describes the epic journey faced by Greece against the Persian threat in 480 BC. The new album faces an epic world where the music is dictated by both arcane melodies reminiscent of the fury of Greek soldiers and more atmospheric and evocative melodies to remember their tenacity and devotion to their native land.

The album was mixed and mastered at the Kick Recording Studio in Rome by Marco Mastrobuono, who has worked with bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse. The drums were recorded by Davide Billia (Hours Of Penance, Beheaded, Antropofagus) in his MK recording studio.

The cover is an acrylic painting on canvas made by the Sicilian artist Lorenzo Di Vincenzo, aka Otagron, the band’s singer.

Molon LabeTrack Listing:

1 – The Path of Heroes

2 – Deimos

3 – A Son Set His Father Free

4 – With Your Shield …Or On It

5 – Molon Labe

6 – When Muses Speak To Us

7 – The vision of Megistias

8 – The Last Glorious Echo

9 – Remember Who We Were


Otagron: Vocals, Guitars

Tiyris: Guitars

Adranor: Bass

Sculptor of Flesh: Drums

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