REVOLTONS – Unveil the lyric video for the new single “Nany John Skennon”

Today Italian heavy metallers   REVOLTONS unveil the lyric video for their new single “Nany John Skennon,” taken from their sixth studio album “Celestial Violence” released in May via Sleazy Rider Records.


The band comments:

“This video is about a great man, the one who named Revoltons back in 1991.  During the lockdown Alex’s uncle committed suicide. He suffered a lot during his life, losing two children and a lots of friends during the Vajont catastrophe. A life of excesses which during the lockdown led him to the extreme action! He was extraordinarily  sensitive, but also a great artist and one of the last true rockers!  This song is dedicated to him and his life! Goodbye Uncle Nany!!”


The video was conceived, filmed and edited by Alex Corona featuring images by Simone Sut.

“Celestial Violence” was produced, recorded and mastered by Ivan Moni Bidin and Christopher Burelli at Artesonika Studio. The artwork was designed by REVOLTONS bassist Simone Sut of N.B.S. Imagination & Design.

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track listing:

  1. 2020 Alternative
    2. Escape or Drown
    3. Generation Mask
    4. The Darkfall
    5. Nany John Skennon
    6. Low Ranking Businessman
    7. The Game
    8. Reality is a Crime
    9. Spiritual Monster
    10. Cosmic Disabled
    11. Lockdown Diaries
    12. Violentia Patris Caelestis?

Antonio Boscari: Voce
Alex Corona: Chitarra
Carlo Venuti: Chitarra
Elvis Ortolan: Batteria
Simone “Zimon” Sut: Basso