Stockholm based outfit AD MELIORA unveils video for the new single “Death on the Shore”

Today Stockholm based alternative rockers AD MELIORA surprise us with their new single “Death on the Shore”.

The bands explain: “‘Death on the Shore’ is the 4th release from Ad Meliora, after the attention-grabbing debut EP ‘The Void, The Time, The Path’ and the well-acclaimed singles ‘No Yellow Bricks’ and ‘Lenses’. The song narrates the feeling of frustration and desperation when something we care deeply about, and for what we’ve passed a great deal of struggle to make work, collapses inevitably in front of you. Named after the Spanish common saying ‘tanto nadar para morir en la orilla’ (so much swimming to die on the shore), the song reflects, in its verses, on feelings raging from holding yourself to whatever you can, to try and accept your fate when realizing it’s inevitable. The chorus, with its atmosphere of epic tragedy, shows us the encounter between will and fate.



Is not a cliché that AD MELIORA is a band difficult to tag. While their sound is rooted in alternative metal, their influences come from a wide range of styles, from prog to hardcore, including post rock, groove, and many more. This makes AD MELIORA‘s music a mix where you can find extremely catchy choruses to sing along and instrumental sections that blow your head away.

After a couple of releases and 2 years of touring in Scandinavia, AD MELIORA could grab attention in the Swedish underground scene and they are ready to take a step forward in the European circuit. Proof of this is the new release “Death on the Shore” which shows their maturity level peak in songwriting.

AD MELIORA’s debut EP The Void, The Time, The Path (2021) was released to a storm of attention throughout the metal and rock world, garnering significant acclaim from press.

Watch the video for the previous singles


“No Yellow Bricks”:

The band is currently working on their debut studio album. More info will follow soon.


Pablo Alabau – vocals

Sergio Ortiz – guitar, vocals

Abby Suarez – bass

Paolo Ganeo – drums, vocals

AD MELIORA online: