VOLTUMNA will release a new EP in 2024

Italian blackened death trio VOLTUMNA will release a brand-new EP early next year.  The pre-orders will be available soon via Bandcamp.

VOLTUMNA were born in 2009 by the hands of the only original member Haruspex (guitars, vocals), now flanked by Augur Veii (drums) and the main composer Phersu (vocals, bass, programming, production). The current power trio line-up follows a path of esoteric knowledge and traditional heritage, which fascinates the whole band and spreads a savage and ferocious creativity.

Fueled by an ancestral binding with their Etruscan roots, the music and concept of VOLTUMNA aren’t related to any contemporary ideological, cultural and religious movement, focusing instead on a historical and anthropological reinterpretation of the Ancient Wars.

The genre proposed by VOLTUMNA flows into the stream of Polish blackened death metal. A style which partly reflects the sound of Behemoth at their best, but enriched over time by a lot of diverse influences, from Swedish death metal (At The Gates, Dismember) to melodic/symphonic black metal (Dissection, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir).

Outside music in the strict sense, VOLTUMNA draw inspiration from apocryphal transcripts emerging from the dawn of time. Tales from forgotten civilizations or imaginary legends, handed down through oral tradition and native folklore, but whose symbolic and spiritual significance is more modern than ever.

The band is currently working on their 5th studio album.



Haruspex (Michele Valentini) – guitars, vocals

Phersu (Emiliano Natali) – vocal, bass, programming

Augur Veii (Edoardo Di Santo) – drums


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