ABORYM – unveils the lyric video for the new single ‘Radiophobia’!

Italian industrial metallers ABORYM will release their new album “Hostile” on February 12th 2021 via Dead Seed Productions.

Today the band unleashes the second single Radiophobia’, a song which deals with the Chernobyl tragedy. In 1986, the Soviet city of Pripyat was thriving, a socialist utopia with good housing and a young population, built to house the workers for the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant – better known today as Chernobyl. On April 26 that year, everything changed. A late-night test at the plant’s number four reactor went catastrophically wrong, causing a huge steam explosion. It was just the start of what would become the world’s worst nuclear accident, a tragedy that would have repercussions for years to come.

STREAM/PURCHASE THE SINGLE HERE: https://deadseedproductions.bandcamp.com/track/radiophobia

Commenting on ‘Radiophobia’ ABORYM’s drummer Kata says: “Personally one of my favorite songs, an ever-changing set of conflicting sensations, both emotionally and musically. The Chernobyl tragedy was one of the greatest failures of the human being. The world suddenly found itself faced with the worst of its nightmares … and the echo still resounds now”.

“Hostile” was produced by Keith Hillebrandt (NINE INCH NAILS, DAVID BOWIE, a.o.), who comments: “When Fab and his wife were in Bangkok at the end of 2018 we got to talking about the next Aborym album and he asked if I was interested in helping out with the production. Talking about the directions he wanted the band’s sound to take got me thrilled and when the tracks started to come together I was blown away. Tracks like ‘Proper use of Myself’ and ‘Stigmatized (Robotripping)’ had the patented Aborym heavy aggro feel but tracks like ‘Sleep’ and ‘The End Of A World’ took the band’s sound in a completely new direction. The whole album is an adventurous trip both lyrically and dynamically. I haven’t heard anything like that since many years and I’m proud to have had a small part in making this with Fab and the boys. Just wished I could have gone to Italy for the mix down, but the end of the world came”.

The album is a consolidation and continuation of ABORYM career. Rather than re-invent the wheel or try and compete with contemporary trends, this record takes the blueprint we know and love and sees the band adding even more layers and taking some of their work to its nth degree. They are unarguably heavy, and there are a lot of metal inspirations in their sound, but “Hostile” can be considered as a kaleidoscopic weird mix of psychedelia, electronic music, rock and experimental music. ABORYM’s mission is simply to make music that has never been heard before.

“Hostile” will be released as digipak CD and digital on February 12th 2021 via Dead Seed Productions, while the vinyl version will be out in April 2021.

The pre-orders are available HERE: http://store.deadseedproductions.com/products/688626-aborym-hostile-digipak-cd-pre-order

Recently ABORYM unveiled the first single Horizon Ignited’ accompanied by a stunning videoclip.

WATCH THE VIDEO for Horizon Ignited’ HERE: https://youtu.be/VebIxygzASc

Listen/purchase ‘Horizon Ignited’ HERE: https://deadseedproductions.bandcamp.com/album/hostile

“Hostile” track listing reads as follows:
1. Disruption
2. Proper Use Of Myself
3. Horizon Ignited
4. Stigmatized (Robotripping)
5. The End Of A World
6. Wake Up Rehab
7. Lava Bed Sahara
8. Radiophobia
9. Sleep
10. Nearly Incomplete
11. The Pursuit Of Happiness
12. Harsh And Educational
13. Solve Et Coagula
14. Magical Smoke Screen

“Hostile” was written between 2018 and 2020, recorded at Synthesis Studio, NMG recording studio and Aborym-Lab in 2020, mixed and mastered by Andrea Corvo during the COVID-19 quarantine. For the first time this album has been written and arranged with a four-pieces consolidated line-up: Fab (vocals, synths, modular synths, programming), Greco (bass, guitars, programming), Catalani (drums, pads, electronics) and Aurizzi (guitars).

I’ve always had a fascination with challenging myself and even when I was a kid, I wanted to be different, I loved to experiment. I’ve always gotten a lot of enjoyment when I’m in a challenging situation and I have to learn something else, and I still do. I think it is innately inside me. Part of you doesn’t really realize just how cool it is not to give a fuck, you know? I am very concerned about like, ‘Is this working?’. Not giving a fuck is a way of giving more love because you’re free. It lets you be more creative and dynamic and louder and more fun and sadder and everything. We just tried to play the music we feel, like a therapy. Music is a therapeutic path for me and I try to not play music just to please the fans. People are always going to categorize you. It can definitely be frustrating. But I don’t feel any pressure to be anything for anyone. I don’t feel like I have to be the frontman in any certain way, and I think that’s part of the power of the band. If I was a solo artist and I had four managers telling me what to do, I’d feel stressed out… But we really feel grounded with each other. You can’t write the same type of song over and over and over again, so I think that’s one of the challenges, to feel like, ‘Yeah, I did something different here’. ‘Hostile’ will be our eighth album and I think for us it was really important to try and find our playfulness again. So, in that sense it gets harder with every album, but we really made music just because it was our favorite thing to do ever. It still is”, explains Fabrizio Giannese.

Fabrizio Giannese (Vocals, programming, piano, synths, modular synths)
Riccardo Greco (bass, guitars, programming)
Gianluca Catalani (drums, pads, electronics)
Tomas Aurizzi (guitars)

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