ARGONAUTA Records signs Stoner Space Rock band KAYLETH

New band in the ARGONAUTA Records family! KAYLETH were born in the Winter of 2005 in the east side of Verona (Italy) aimed at founding a stoner band inspired to groups such as Kyuss, Orange Goblin and 7zuma7. A continuous sound evolution generated self-produced demos and CDs: Not Yet (2006), In the Womb of Time (2008), Rusty Gold (2010) and The Survivor (2012). In 2013, a new member with his synths made Kayleth to explore new opportunities, getting them close to space/psych rock sonorities with a new forthcoming CD, that will be released by early 2015.

Kayleth are: Massimo Dalla Valle (guitar), Daniele Pedrollo (drums), Michele Montanari (synth), Alessandro Zanetti (bass) and Enrico Gastaldo (voice).