BENEATH THE STORM – Cover artwork and first single from the new album “Lucid Nightmare”

Slovenian Sludge Doom alchemists BENEATH THE STORM release cover artwork and first single from their anticipated new album “Lucid Nightmare”.

“Lucid Nightmare” marks a new beginning for the band. The voice of Beneath The Storm has risen from the tombs of hell and got infected by dark melodies. The new album introduces you to the world of nightmares. A world where obscure visions become reality. It will trap you in its horror and leave you paralyzed in sleep.
Enter at your own risk!

“Lucid Nightmare” will be released July 4th, 2016 by ARGONAUTA Records in CD/DD.
Preorders available here.


01. Nightmare’s Gate
02. Paralyzed In Sleep
03. Nightmares Overcome
04. Insomnia
05. Lucid Nightmare
06. Dementia
07. Atrocious Dreams
08. Down
09. On High In Blue Tomorrows
10. The House Of Doom

beneath the storm - lucid nightmare