CHRIS CATENA – Unveils his solo single “All About You”

Today, Italian rocker Chris Catena returns to present his new solo single entitled “All About You”.

Once again Chris Catena does not renounce to his numerous collaborations and for this song relies on the pen of Soren Kronqvist (songwriter for Crazy Lixx, Issa, Fergie Fredriksen, Sunstorm, Crash the System, Kee of Hearts etc) and Thomas Vikström (singer of Therion who also played in Candlemass, Brazzen Abbot, Stormwind).

Listen/Download the new single “All About You” here:
The single is accompanied by a video shot in Ireland and directed by Jack Lucas Laugeni and Danny Mecozzi.
Watch the video now here:

Chris Catena comments: “Soren is a very good songwriter and I had been following him for a while because of his contributions in some Frontiers works. I met him at a Frontiers Festival introduced by Janne Stark and we had the chance to talk. A pleasant person, with a positive vibe. I told him I would be happy to sing one of his songs and he sent me two songs, both co-written with Thomas Vikstrom. ‘All about you’ in my opinion is a great track, very catchy, a classic rock ballad with a catchy chorus”.

On the song Catena collaborates with a Scandinavian band: Janne Stark (Overdrive, Costancia, Locomotive Breath, Merryweather/Stark, Mountain of Power), Peter Svensson (Locomotive Breath, Mountain of Power, Faith), Robert Majd (Captain Black Beard, Metalite), Soren Kronqvist and at the backing track Thomas Vikstrom. Marco K-Ace Capasso (Heavy Star) is the author of the guitar solo.

Chris Catena’s Rock City Tribe, a project born of Chris Catena‘s collaboration with the impressively prolific guitar maestro Janne Stark, will participate on the 19th of December at the Grand Christmas Concert at the National Theatre of Craiova in Romania as Italian guests. They will perform two songs with the Symphony Orchestra, including the single “Freight Train” which they already played on the important stage of the Romanian Artista Awards last October.

The latest all-star album from Chris Catena’s Rock City Tribe, ‘Truth In Unity’, was released in 2020 on Grooveyard Records.

The album is available HERE.