DRIVE BY WIRE – cover art-work and track-list revealed; preorders now available

Dutch Desert Rockers DRIVE BY WIRE reveal cover art-work and track-list of their highly anticipated new album “Spellbound”.

“Spellbound” is a new massive effort of the band, a big step forward after celebrating their 10th year of activity with the recent reissue of the critically acclaimed album “The Whole Shebang”.

Drive By Wire are able not only to focus their sound into the best Heavy Rock tradition, yet also to blend it into an original and unique proposal made of psych interludes, desert vibes and bluesy attitude.

While you can already have a taste of it by the “Blood Red Moon” single (, the band is currently working on a new video-clip.

DRIVE BY WIRE “Spellbound” will be released on CD edition by ARGONAUTA Records and available from February 23rd, 2018. A brief teaser of the album is available here: Preorders:

LP edition out via Minstrel Music.


  1. Glider
  2. Where Have You Been
  3. Mammoth
  4. Apollo
  5. Blood Red Moon
  6. Superoverdrive
  7. Van Plan
  8. Lost Tribes
  9. Devil’s Fool
  10. Lifted Spirit
  11. Spellbound