EGOSYSTEMA – release new single “Colors” and unveil new album details

Italian metal band, EGOSYSTEMA, finally unveils the details of the upcoming album “Distance”. The album will be released as CD and digital on November 27th 2019.

The band delivers a modern heavy metal, influenced by progressive sound. Each song brings the listener toward different places, unleashing different moods. The lyrics are about the various sides of human soul. Painting lights and shadows of a world that can be understood only by music.

The sound of the new album is more modern and differs from the first two ones. Each track is unique and deals with different themes. With our music and our experiences, we want to say something and arouse emotions. We really hope our audience will enjoy the album and listen to it over and over again”, comments the guitar player Luca Birocco.

Today EGOSYSTEMA release also the new single “Colors”:

EGOSYSTEMA represents a group of connected elements that interact, while maintaining their own characteristics. The band, born in 2013, experienced different styles and sound landscapes during its carrier and had the chance to share the stage with the likes of Bullet for My Valentine, Katatonia, Hed Pe and many more.

The track listing reads as follows:
1- Distance
2- Colors
3- Don’t judge me
4- Open your eyes
5- O.C.D
6- Forever
7- Elisabeth
8- Get along
9- Joseph
10- Room Of Mirrors

Recently the band unveiled the new video for “Open Your Eyes”

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