EXTREMA – drum-playthrough video for “For The Loved And The Lost” released.

Recently long-running Italian groove thrash metallers EXTREMA released their seventh studio album, “Headbanging Forever” via Rockshots Records!

Today, drummer Francesco “Frullo” Larosa (www.facebook.com/FrancescoLaRosaOfficial) has released a playthrough video for the record’s first single, “For The Loved And The Lost”.

Watch the clip, here:

Francesco “Frullo” Larosa states: “I’m happy to share with you all the playthrough video for the first single taken from the album ‘Headbanging Forever’. I’ve recorded the video with Gaston Studio’s guys and Daniele Farina. Paolo Toso took care of the wonderful lights and Gabriele Ravaglia from Fear Studio captured the sound. The song ‘For the Love and the Lost’ is a thrash ride at 200bpm. I had a lot of fun adding a lot of double bass parts, linear phrases and some special meter changes during the guitars solo. On this

playthrough video I’ve put also the scores I’m playing. I had this idea watching a lot of online lessons using the same method. I never saw that on a playthrough video before, so I think it’s very cool for all drummers that want to try playing the song. Enjoy!”.

More about “Headbanging Forever”:

‘For The Loved And The Lost’ OFFICIAL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/GlKb41YW5I8

‘Pitch Black Eyes’ OFFICIAL LYRICS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/zN-r_YPshs4

Trailer#1 ‘The Writing Process’: https://youtu.be/Lu_LWGoTZ6w

Trailer #2 ‘Band’s History’: https://youtu.be/ivH8WAITlmc

Trailer #3 ‘The Songs’: https://youtu.be/IWdMFYlEusU

The album is available as CD Digipack Deluxe, Vinyl Gatefold Limited Coloured Edition with signed poster and digital. Order it now here: http://bit.ly/EXTREMA_Store

EXTREMA are currently working on a European tour to support “Headbanging Forever”. More info coming soon.

For this album, the band enlisted Gustavo Sazes (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, ANGRA, ICED EARTH, GUS G., AMARANTHE, a.o.) to create the album artwork.

Below is the track listing for “Headbanging Forever”

01. The Call

02. Borders Of Fire

03. For The Loved And The Lost

04. Heavens Blind

05. Pitch Black Eyes

06. Headbanging Forever

07. Believer

08. Invisible

09. Paralyzed

10. The Showdown

EXTREMA’s original line-up was established between 1985 and 1986 in Milan, Italy. In a very short time, the band led by guitars player Tommy Massara achieved a huge success. Tommy is the only remaining member of the original line-up, and over the years he also played the role of artistic and executive producer.

Hundreds of concerts made the band more and more close-knit and open towards a constant growth path, capable from the beginning of welcoming influences external to heavy metal, a consistent choice within an evolutionary framework which saw EXTREMA start from the rebellious attitude of MOTÖRHEAD to later incorporate the style of Californian thrash metal, a scene with which the band shared the utmost care for the technical side of music and a devastating presence on stage.

The band’s reputation as musicians and performers kept growing in a perpetual live context, with extensive tours and the participation to prestigious festivals with the likes of METALLICA, SLAYER, MOTÖRHEAD, and KORN, a.o.

Extraneous from the beginning to political and ideological implications of any kind, EXTREMA’s lyrics have always strived to alternate challenging and contemporary themes with lighter subjects, true to rock’n’roll form.

In May 2017 the band welcomed the new frontman Tiziano Spigno. Thanks to his entry, EXTREMA can finally release all the creativity repressed in recent years: a violent, direct and engaging approach which is – at the same time – also varied, courageous and experimental, resulting in the new album “Headbanging Forever”.


Tiziano “Titian” Spigno – Vocals

Tommy Massara – Guitars

Gabri Giovanna – Bass

Francesco “Frullo” Larosa – Drums

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