GOODBYE, KINGS – Official videoclip

Italian Post Rockers GOODBYE, KINGS release the official videoclip from their new album VENTO.

Scirocco (from the arab Shurhùq, wind of noon) is a warm wind coming from Syria. It is also known as Shuruq, a muslim prayer for the sunset.

VENTO has been released on November 7th 2016 by ARGONAUTA Records and available here.

Goodbye, Kings is a project born in Milan in the late twenty-twelve featuring members with different musical influences and attitudes.

After a first demo-album (“Kinship”, 2013) and a demo-ep (“Memoire”, 2013) the self-produced debut lp “Au Cabaret Vert”- mostly based on Toulouse Lautrec’s paintings and Arthur Rimbaud and Masaoka Shiki’s poems – was released in November 2014 via Bandcamp.

New album “Vento” presents inspirations from some of the legends, poems and myths about the wind and features an improvement of the tribal side of the band as well as the very different attitude of its performers . Elements of jazz, classical and tribal meets heavy tones, sludge rock and metal to create an intense vision of a wider range post-rock soundtrack.