GUNJACK – unveil the details of their new album “The Third Impact” out on February 2nd 2022

Italian old school heavy metallers GUNJACK will release the follow-up of their acclaimed sophomore album “The Cult of Triblade” on February 2nd 2022. On “The Third Impact” the power trio from Milan heads towards a darker sound. Written during a difficult time for the humankind, the album is about awkward, introspective, and complicated topics. “The Third Impact” is a powerful mix of old and new school but remaining loyal to their roots.

The first single will be unveiled early January when the pre-orders will be launched.

To give a taste of what you can expect the band unleashes a video trailer for the album.

The album was recorded at A.D.S.R. Decibel Studio and Triblade studio.

The track listing for “The Third Impact” reads as follows:
1. Dagon
2. Blast N’ Roll
3. Twirling On Your Grave
4. The Tournament
5. Hypnotic Desease
6. Destroy The Seventh Seal
7. Coma
8. Meltdown
9. Nuke To Be Sure
10. Metal Influencer
11. The Thermopylae
12. Heart Of Tank
13. The Knights In White
14. Lie Of God

GUNJACK project was born in 2017. The band features in its ranks Mr. Messerschmitt (Alessandro Dominizi) on voice/bass, Gamma Mörser (Fabio Cavestro) on guitars and M47 (Andrea Ornigotti) on drums. Three guys, three metalheads and three fans of old school metal decided to create a new band with scratching and powerful sound. Influenced by old school metal and big bands such as Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many others, they use their music background to merge the old school riffs with a modern sound. The debut album “Totally Insane” was released in 2018, while the sophomore record “The Cult of Triblade” in 2019. GUNJACK’s live attitude is just loud music, booze, rock’n’roll and a crazy entertainment! A real drunk’n’roll experience to try!

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