HAUNTED – full streaming premiere via DOOMED AND STONED!

Two weeks from the release of the new high anticipated album entitled “Dayburner” via Twin Earth Records on June 8th, the international doom promises HAUNTED are glad to announce the full album streaming premiere via DOOMED AND STONED!

Listen to the entire album here: www.DoomedandStoned.com

Singer Cristina Chimirri commented: “When we started to develop the songwriting process of ‘Dayburner’, we wanted to talk about the course, the unexplored passage between the beginning and the end. Without necessarily imposing fixed points, but tracing a material circle and an anti-material ascensional progression.”

Bass player Frank Tudisco added:

“‘Dayburner’ is actually the representation of a day, not properly a day as we commonly know it, but something that become immediately night right after the first flashes of the sun. The light of this sun is too weak and can’t afford to challenge the strength of the darkness. Only thanks to minimal differences in tonal contrasts we are able to distinguish the sun from the moon. We can actually say that all the proper attributes of the day miserably fail here.”

Watch the video of the first single “Waterdawn” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lys–E4K4QI

Purchase “Waterdawn” digitally here: https://hauntedband.bandcamp.com/track/waterdawn

“Dayburner” will be available in different formats (CD via Twin Earth Records, tape via Graven Earth Records, Limited Edition VINYL/2LP via DHU Records in fall).

Pre-order “Dayburner” and you will receive “Waterdawn” instantly:

CD – https://haunteditaly.bandcamp.com/album/dayburner

DIGITAL – https://hauntedband.bandcamp.com/album/dayburner-2018

TAPE – http://www.gravenearthrecords.com/product/haunted-dayburner-cassette-preorder

The new chapter, “Dayburner”, has been recorded by Carlo Longo at NuevArte Studio in Catania and mastered by the renowned producer Brad Boatright (Sleep, COC, Yob, Obituary, among others) at Audiosiege Engineering in Portland, Oregon.

The evocative cover artwork has been created by the well-know artist and photographer Deborah Sheedy.


  1. Mourning Sun
  2. Waterdawn
  3. Dayburner
  4. Communion
  5. Orphic
  6. Vespertine
  7. No Connection With Dust
  8. Lunar Grave

HAUNTED fly the doom flag high with a self-titled debut album released in 2016 that has received positive feedback from worldwide critics, taking the band on stage with renowned artists like Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Candlemass and Hooded Menace as well as important festivals like Into The Void and Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017.

Haunted line-up:

Francesco Bauso – Guitars

Dario Casabona – Drums

Cristina Chimirri – Vocals

Francesco Orlando – Guitars

Frank Tudisco – Bass

More info: