HELL OBELISCO – announce new album details

Italian heavy sludge metallers HELL OBELISCO announce the details of their long awaited debut album. Titled “Swamp Wizard Rises”, the full-length album will be released on March 23, 2018 via Argonauta Records.

Recorded with Para (Boat Studio) and Paso (Studio 73) “Swamp Wizard Rises” will feature 9 songs. The first single and video clip will be unleashed very soon along with the pre-orders.

The opus will feature Tony J.J. from TRANSPORT LEAGUE and Carmelo Orlando from NOVEMBRE as special guests.

“We have always been big fans of Transport League and Doc is in touch with Tony J.J. since long time. So it was natural to invite him as guest on the song and video for ‘Voodoo Alligator Blood’. He did an amazing job and he is a very nice guy. As for Carmelo, we are friends since 1990 and we have never been able to collaborate. He is always very busy with Novembre, but finally – after 25 years – we made it.  The song ‘Biting Killing Machine’ is very cool: it’s a dark and disturbing track!”, explains the frontman Andrew.

The cover artwork has been designed by Roberto Toderico, who has previously worked with the band.

“Roberto Toderico, a big artist, made our demo cover artwork and merchandise. We came up with some ideas and he designed our visions. We are very happy with the result. We wanted to create a summa of our lyrics themes. There is a kind of central idea: a wizard is like a puppet master. He evokes our ancestral fears and the darkness that cover our spirit and the landscape. This is something darker than the night and heavier than the fog. The swamp wizard emerges and makes his rituals. Now we can’t stop what has begun… like a rolling boulder”, unveils Andrew.


“Swamp Wizard Rises” track-listing:

1. Voodoo Alligator Blood

2. Teenage Mammoth Club

3. Escaping Devil Bullets

4. Earth Rage Apocalypse

5. Biting Killing Machine

6. Death Moloch Rising

7. Dead Dawn Duel

8. High Speed Demon

9. Black Desert Doom



Andrew – Front Row Mammoth

Doc – Six Sludge Strings

Fraz – Seven Doomed and Lowered Strings

Alex – Behind The Skins