HELL OBELISCO sign contract with Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records is proud to announce the signing of the Italian heavy doom metal supergroup HELL OBELISCO!
“We’re very happy to start a collaboration with this kick ass Italian band”, says Gero of Argonauta Records, “we literally had a blast when we got their promo-songs, thanks to those massive sonorities not just close to the best “Southern Metal”, but also featuring that blood-tinged attitude typical of Doom Sludge subgenres. We currently had the chance to hear album premixes and we are excited they confirm what we expected the day we signed, and even more.”

The frontman Andrea comments: “We’re so fucking excited to announce the signing with Argonauta Records, one of the best label on the rotten earth. We’re very proud because this is the label we were looking for since the first promo so it’s really time to party hard! Worship Sludge brothers and sisters!”
The band wrote 12 songs, but just 8 or 9 tracks will be included in the album.

Tony J. Jelencovich from Transport League and Carmelo Orlando(Novembre) will be featured as special guests.
Stay tuned for more informations!
The band released a 2-tracks demo in November 2016 and it’s available on Bancamp page: https://hellobelisco.bandcamp.com/releases


Six Sludge Strings: Doc
Behind The Skins: Ale
Front Row Mammoth: Andrea
Seven Doomed and Lowered Strings: Fraz