IMMINENCE – lanciano i pre-ordini del loro nuovo album “Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination” e presentano la loro versione speciale di ‘Crawling’!

Today, Swedish alternative metalcore outfit IMMINENCE released their special take on ‘Crawling’ by LINKIN PARKand launched pre-orders for their upcoming album »Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination«, which will be available on the 10th of January 2020!
»Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination« will come in two different physical designs limited up to 500 unit each and are exclusivly available via Impericon and band as well as on their European album tour 2020 »Turn The Light On: Album Tour Pt. II«!
The physical formates include their special acoustic reimaginations already released of their singles ‘Saturated Soul’, ‘Erase’ and ‘Infectious’ and holds a special extendend version!

Pre-order »Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination« via Impericon or IMMINENCEhere:

Watch the new single ‘Crawling’ (Acoustic) here:
Buy and/or stream ‘Crawling’ (Acoustic) here:

“The impact that Linkin Park and Chester Bennington have had on our existence as a band, made it inevitable for us to one day pay tribute in the best way we knew how. In this acoustic rendition of Crawling, we want to thank Chester and the band for the inspiration and motivation to pursue our own dreams and music.”
Eddie Berg

“This is a big step for us. We’ve always received such fantastic feedback on our acoustic songs, and people have been asking us for an acoustic release for such a long time now. We felt like we weren’t quite done with the creative process around ‘Turn The Light On’, so this was an opportunity for us to experience writing the songs again and daring to be ourselves and do something we really believed in.” 
Harald Barrett

More on »Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination«:
Watch ‘Saturated Soul’ (Acoustic) here:
Buy and/or stream ‘Saturated Soul’ (Acoustic) here:
Watch the audio video stream for ‘Erase’ (Acoustic) here:
Buy and/or stream ‘Erase’ (Acoustic) here:
Watch the audio video stream for ‘Infectious’ (Acoustic) here:
Buy and/or stream ‘Infectious’ (Acoustic) here:

»Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination« tracklist:
1. Erase (Acoustic)
2. Saturated Soul (Acoustic)
3. Crawling (Linkin Park Cover)
4. Disconnected (Acoustic)
5. Infectious (Acoustic)
6. A Mark on My Soul – Remastered Bonus Track
7. Wine & Water (Acoustic) – Remastered Bonus Track
8. This Is Goodbye (Acoustic) – Remastered Bonus Track

IMMINENCE will be embarking on a huge European tour with their label-mates THE OKLAHOMA KID in 2020! Learn more below!

European album tour 2020
»Turn The Light On: Album Tour Pt. II«
15.01 DEN – Copenhagen, Beta
16.01 GER – Hamburg, Logo
17.01 GER – Munster, Sputnik Café
18.01 NED – Amsterdam, Q-Factory
19.01 ENG – London, Thousand Island
21.01 FRA – Paris, La Boule Noire
22.01 BEL – Aarschot, De Klinker Club
24.01 GER – Trier, Mergener Hof
25.01 GER – Cologne, Gebäude 9
26.01 GER – Stuttgart, Wizemann Club
27.01 SUI – Pratteln, Z7
28.01 ITA – Milan, Circolo Svolta
30.01 AUT – Vienna, Chelsea
31.01 HUN – Budapest, Dürer Kert
01.02 CZE – Prague, Storm Club
02.02 POL – Wroclaw, D.K Luksus
04.02 GER – Hanover, Béi Chéz Heinz
05.02 GER – Dresden, Club Puschkin
06.02 GER – Munich, Backstage
07.02 GER – Frankfurt, Das Bett
08.02 GER – Berlin, Bi Nuu
Tickets on sale:

IMMINENCE entered the official German album charts on #91 with their brand new record »Turn The Light On«! Including their successful releases of the songs ‘Paralyzed’, ‘Infectious’, ‘Saturated Soul’ and their fourth single ‘Lighthouse’. Congratulations!

Buy the new album »Turn The Light On« here:

”The new Imminence album is called ’Turn The Light On’ which encourages to shed light on the darkness we carry within. The lyrical theme of the record is inner conflict, self doubt, depression and self destruction. Music has always been, and now more than ever, an outlet and a way for me to cope with these emotions. This is my testimony to my mental ill-health. It is the most soul-baring, personal and important piece of work we have ever made as a band.”Eddie Berg (Vocals/Violine)

Press quotes:
“Turn the light on and commence auditory liftoff – An all-out triumph for a band on the verge of an epic worldwide breakthrough – sweeping and dynamic soundscapes ambitiously unveiled by one the most imaginative metalcore collectives on the planet today.”Highwire Daze

“The release proves to be more furious, darker than its predecessor and allows significantly more rough edges.”

“Pure madness. Pure madness what a varied and highly emotional album Imminence unleash on humanity. A magnificent metalcore-record.“

“As a post-Metalcore fan, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth and be provided with a whole lot of diversity.”

“This successful balancing act between all its sound facets is the perfect business card to win more fans. You will definitely find “Turn The Lights On” in my annual Top 10.”

More on »Turn The Light On«:
Watch ‘Erase’ here:
Watch ‘Lighthouse’ here:
Watch ‘Saturated Soul’ here:
Watch ‘Infectious’ here:
Watch ‘Paralyzed’ here:

»Turn The Light On« tracklist:

01. Erase
02. Paralyzed
03. Room To Breathe
04. Saturated Soul
05. Infectious
06. The Sickness
07. Death Of You
08. Scars
09. Disconnected
10. Wake Me Up
11. Don’t Tell A Soul
12. Lighthouse
13. Love & Grace