KEISER – sign to Non Serviam Records

The black metal band from Norway, KEISER, is now part of the Non Serviam Records family!

After three years of waiting, the new album will be released in the upcoming months.

The band states: “We are stoked and proud to be signed by Non Serviam Records. We are pleased to release our upcoming album with them, and we are certain that this will be a big step forward for our band. For us, this shows that hard work and believing in what you do, pays off. A big thank you to Ricardo, NSR and our friends and label mates Nexorum.”

Ricardo Gelok from Non Serviam Records adds: “I’m really happy that Keiser signed to Non Serviam Records.
When I heard their music for the first time, I was blown away with the impact of the music and the good production. An excellent mix of black metal, and melodic guitars. It reminds me of bands like Vreid, Keep of Kalessin etc.”

Formed in 2015, KEISER return with a new album after the 2016 EP “Ascension of Ghouls”, with a still raw and primitive sounding, and their full-length debut album “The Succubus” in 2017 which saw the band begin to tour and create a small but loyal fan base in their home country.

More details will follow soon.

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