LEVANIA – the new video for “Reflections”

The Italian Gothic core band LEVANIA is glad to reveal the new video for “Reflections”, the second single taken from their last EP “Episode 0” released via Sliptrick Records.

Watch “Reflections” now: https://youtu.be/QPukuk5f8J0

The video has been produced by the directors Simone Furia and Michelangelo Ingrosso.

The singer Elena Taby, comments:

Today, we all live in a sick society, we are losing sincerity, human relationships and empathy. Humanity is regressing to “homo homini lupus”, but we have the opportunity to reverse this process with culture and art. In every single action we do we have a chance, leaving the instinct that leads us to the fear of the unknown or, thanks to art in all its forms, trying not to regress to a primitive status.

We tried to include all these concepts in our new work, representing them as much as possible with colors and vibrations.

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