LUCYNINE – release the visualizer for “White Roses”. Debut album “Amor Venenat” OUT NOW via Inverse Records!

Today Italian one-man band LUCYNINE releases its debut album “Amor Venenat” via Inverse Records.

To celebrate the event LUCYNINE unveils the official visualizer for the third single “White Roses”.

‘White Roses’ was conceived as a primordial blues lullaby. It’s about contradictions, internal struggles and the constant coexistence of joy and suffering in a love relationship that is as intense as difficult. The clips I shot for the visualizer contain the same contrast: open countryside, nature, an old Louisiana-style atmosphere, represented in a context of constant anxiety and tension. This is one of the lyrics and songs I’m most fond of in the whole record”, explains Sergio Bertani.

“Amor Venenat” is available as digipack and digital:

More about “Amor Venenat”:
‘Nine Eleven’:

Born in 2013 as a studio project of the multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Sergio Bertani, LUCYNINE is finally back, bringing along an obscure opus titled “Amor Venenat”. The concept album featuring 13 tracks explores the darkest and most negative sides of love. A journey between feelings, lust, suffering, anger and death; a fairy tale with no happy ending.

The sound is much more complex and mature than the first EP “Chronicles from Leri”, ranging from black metal, crust, punk to post-hardcore and 80’s dark wave, along with doom and sludge slowdowns. The record features 4 famous actors and dubbers: Grazia Migneco, Gianna Coletti, Claudia Lawrence (third best of the last edition of Italia’s Got Talent show) and Dario Penne (Italian dubber of Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine and many more).

This record features many layers, and it’s full of details and shades. ‘Amor Venenat’ is the result of a very important personal and artistic journey that kept me busy for years. I think I put a lot of myself into these songs, I literally laid bare and this is my greatest satisfaction: the result is true, sincere, real, raw”.

The track listing reads as follows

1   Family (feat. Grazia Migneco)
2   Nine Eleven
3   Vetyver 717 (feat. Gianna Coletti)
4   Charlie’s Got Blue Eyes
5   Things I’ll Never Know
6   Apostasia
7   White Roses
8   Anthony Hopkins (feat. Dario Penne)
9   Roma Blue
10 Tutto il Male del Mondo (feat. Gianna Coletti)
11 Everyone I Love Is Dead
12 Heartectomy
13 200335310818

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