LUCYNINE – sign a record deal with Inverse Records

Finnish record company Inverse Records proudly welcomes the Italian project Lucynine.

Lucynine was born in 2013 as a studio project of the multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Sergio Bertani. The debut “Chronicles from Leri”, a 5-track EP between trip hop, psychedelia and death metal, received a good visibility, helped by the presence of guests like John Baggott (Massive Attack, Robert Plant) and Gigi Giugno (Braindamage).

Lucynine’s mastermind Sergio Bertani states: “It’s a great honour for me to join the Inverse Records family! This label has always paid attention to music’s quality. They are very efficient and competent. You work well when the atmosphere is like this one!“.

The Inverse Records music producer Joni Kantoniemi adds: We’re extremely excited about the collaboration with Lucynine. Sergio Bertani is a very talented musician and the album “Amor Venenat” is such a masterpiece. It ain’t always easy to make concept albums work as a whole but the first time I heard the album I was left open-mouthed and wanted instantly listen to it again …and again“.

More details about the new album “Amor Venenat” will follow soon.

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