NAAT – Self titled album out now

Italian Post Metallers NAAT released their self titled album via ARGONAUTA Records on Oct 3rd, 2016. A full streaming is available here.

This is excellent Instrumental Post Metal blend with Sludge and Doom sonorities, highly recommended if you are fans of LENTO and ROSETTA.

NO CLEAN SINGING says: “It’s such a powerfully addictive, pile-driving skull-crusher. Over the top of those bone-splintering riffs and rhythms, Naat spin out both demented guitar vibrations and a pulsing, rippling melody that sinks its tendrils into your head. Naat are a purely instrumental band, but I’m pretty sure you won’t miss the vocals in this dark, disorienting, and damned infectious beast of a track.”
NAAT CD and DD formats are available here:

NAAT is a huge blend of instrumental post metal, doom and sludge coming from Genoa, Italy, born in 2014 by founder members of Antea, Lilium and Stone Smokers, three bands that attended Rock, Metal and Stoner scene for years in Northern Italy. The intention is to revise the personal musical ideas of each member and produce a preconceptions-free sound experience. ”Power” and “Atmosphere” are blend, accompanying the listener between peaks and sudden vertical drops where the dynamics develop and crumble into an instrumental kind of “stream of consciousness”.