talian Ritual psychedelic sludge band NIBIRU announces the recruitment of a new drummer. Ardath (vocals/lead guitars), Ri (bass) and Siatris (rhythm guitars, vocals), who handled the drums duties in NIBIRU so far, warmly welcome L.C. Chertan (ORIGOD).

“Since the first time I listened to NIBIRU I’ve been impressed by the huge emotional and spiritual blast they are able to create. When they asked me to join the band, I agreed in order to improve as a drummer, confronting myself with a very different style from my post-hardcore band ORIGOD. Thanks to NIBIRU, I can emotionally express the deepest and darkest side of myself”, states L.C. Chertan.

“L.C. Chertan from ORIGOD officially joins NIBIRU. It’s not easy to find a bond with our music and three ‘outside the box’ people like us, but L.C. Chertan made it. After just a few rehearsals we have found what we were looking for: more power and relentless energy also on stage, as we have some important live shows to be announced soon. Siatris will support me as guitarist and vocalist, just like he did during ‘Padmalotus’ recording sessions. NIBIRU will show no mercy”, adds Ardath.

NIBIRU released their third album, ‘Padmalotus’, via Argonauta Records on May 18 2015.