NO GOOD ADVICE – release music video for “Space Surfers”

Italian Stoner Rockers NO GOOD ADVICE teamed up with OUTLAWS OF THE SUN to premiere their stunning new single. 
The official videoclip of the song “Space Surfers” runs here:
The album “From the Outer Space” is out now via Argonauta Records and available here: This is aggressive stoner rock highly recommended if you like MONSTER MAGNET, KYUSS and early MASTODON.


Gli Stoner Rockers NO GOOD ADVICE hanno collaborato con OUTLAWS OF THE SUNper la première del loro nuovo singolo.

Guarda il video ufficiale di “Space Surfers” qui:

L’album “From the Outer Space” , uscito su Argonauta Records, è disponibile qui:
Questo aggressivo stoner rock è altamente consigliato agli amanti di MONSTER MAGNET, KYUSS e i primi MASTODON.