NOVELISTS – pubblicano il nuovo video di ‘L’appel Du Vide’

La band progressive metal NOVELISTS ha pubblicato il nuovo video della canzone ‘L’appel Du Vide’. La canzone è tratta dal secondo album “Noir” pubblicato a settembre.

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Press quotes:

Hard Rock Hell Magazine:
“…they deftly meld shimmering melodies with punchy, djent riffery, and they do it very well: Lead The Light, for instance, could give much of Periphery’s back catalogue a run for its money, and Heal The Wound is similarly spectacular.”

Rock Sound:
“Parisian metallers Novelists don’t do things entirely by the book… (Noir) It’s a melting pot of styles that comes together well, giving the band a foot in the Warped Tour world as much as, say, the metal scene… this is good, versatile stuff.” 

Broken Amp:
“Novelists’ real innovation – and for me their trademark – is their delicacy, a characteristic which is very difficult to achieve within the boundaries of metalcore. The harmonics in ‘The Light, the Fire’ are irresistibly pretty, as are the elegant guitar melodies in ‘Under Different Welkins’, the fluid guitar playing providing a perfect foil to the juddering rhythms… Noir is an album in which to lose yourself.”

Metal Hammer:
“(Novelists) should be applauded for doing what they do very well. Songs like Monochrome may trade on predictable build-and-boom dynamics, but when they swell to such a glorious payoff it’s hard to argue against.” 

Watch the third single ‘A Bitter End’ now here:
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Watch the second single ‘Under Different Welkins’ now here:
Get the song here:

​Watch the first single ‘The Light, The Fire’ here:
Get the song here:

Watch the playthrough of ‘Heal The Wound’ here:

Tracklist of “Noir”
01. L’appel du Vide
02. Monochrome
03. Under Different Welkins
04. Les Nuits Noires
05. Grey Souls
06. A Bitter End
07. Stranger Self
08. The Light, The Fire
09. Joie de Vivre
10. Lead the Light
11. À Travers le Miroir
12. Heal the Wound

The first album »Souvenirs«, was released in late 2015 via ARISING EMPIRE and can be ordered here:

A full album stream is available here:

Matt Gelsomino – vocals
Florestan Durand – guitar
Amael Durand – drums
Charly Kelevra – guitar
Nicolas Delestrade – bass | |