Thrilled to announce we’ve inked a deal with Italian Sludge Post Metallers OTUS.

Born in 2012, OTUS takes elements of post-metal/sludge bands as Isis and Cult of Luna, passing through the Black Sabbath’s doom up to the experimental music of Tool, Om and Sunn O))). The band enrich their sound playing ethnic instruments, building their own synthesizers, chanting mantras and taking particular care of their visual and symbolic identity, from poster art to visual projections. After their first demo-EP released in 2013, OTUS took part in several gigs and festivals playing with great bands as Intronaut, And So I Watch You From Afar, Toner Low, Scale The Summit, and Shores Of Null.

The band says: “Afterwards the very good feedback of audience during live performances, but also by webzines and press, it was our desire to find a label through which propose an official release and to grow up with; so the interest shown by Argonauta Records and Gero gave us an enormous pleasure. We followed carefully their production because we admire their seriousness in bringing forward a well-defined musical discourse with its own identity, not so obvious in the actual panorama.”

About the album: “7.83Hz” is a concept album divided in 3 chapters and inspired by Timothy Leary’s quote: Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out. This musical journey intends to be more empirical and scientific rather than religious/orthodox, showing a possible way to reach the “Doors of Perception”, to tune in with the Universe and finally to reach a lucid detachment. The conscious “Emptiness” reached through spiritual practices such as meditation and recitation of mantra, takes shape in the 70 minutes of musical solutions contained in this record, reaching their fulcrum at the frequency of 7.83Hz also known as “Buddha’s frequency”. Surprisingly, when analyzing the frequencies given in response by an electroencephalogram of a person in deep meditation (Alpha & Theta waves), it turns out the coincidence that the earth’s magnetic field happens to be also 7.83Hz as discovered by the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. If meditation is a way to tune in with what surrounds us, Schumann’s resonance frequency seems to emphasize even more this concept and make it concrete.

OTUS “7.83Hz”, self produced by the band during 2016, will be re-released in the typical Argonauta Records CD packaging by Spring 2017.