PRIEST – PureGrainAudio Premieres “New Flesh”. Debut album out tomorrow via Lövely Records

Mysterious Swedish outfit PRIEST will release the debut album “New Flesh” tomorrow, Friday November 17th, via Lövely Records.

The band is ready to change the world. This is a band that sounds like when 1982 imagine how 2019 should sound like.

We’re extremely proud of this record. It contains everything we love and grew up with music wise. If Back to the Future 2 were remastered with a new soundtrack New Flesh would be it“, comment PRIEST.

In celebration of the release, the band teamed up with PureGrainAudio to stream the full album “New Flesh”.


Swedish electronica band PRIEST gained a great attention with their singles “The Pit”, “The Cross” and the most recent “History In Black” and “Vaudeville”. With a mechanical sound, futuristic melodies and a masterful voice, they’ve seduced listeners all over the planet since their first single came out in March.

PRIEST debut album “New Flesh” is produced by Alpha (ex GHOST) and features a performance by Airghoul (ex GHOST). The recording is mixed by Niklas Berglöf (SLAGSMÅLSKLUBBEN, DEAD SOUL) and is mastered by Magnus Lindberg. “New Flesh” will be released on November 17th 2017 via Lövely Records.

You can now order the physical edition of the album:

Or get the digital version and stream the singles via these links:


PRIEST live:

07.12.2017 AT – Vienna @ Grelle Forelle

09.12.2017 DK – Copenhagen @ Spillestedet Stengade


More about “New Flesh”

“Vaudeville” – official music video

“The Pit” – official music video

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“History In Black” – official music video