STORMCROW – release official video for “Nanga Parbat”

Italian black metallers STORMCROW just unveiled the official video for the song “Nanga Parbat”. The track is taken from their new album “Face The Giant”, recently released via Vacula Productions.

As ambassador of a fierce but introspective black metal, the band ambitiously represents visually and conceptually the song’s vibe. Primordial instincts, isolation, solitude and loss permeate every note and every image of this video clip.

The video has been produced by Goraath, band’s drummer and video maker, and by his production company, Studio BlackD.

The locations have been chosen carefully. They were looking for settings able to convey the natural feelings, without the aid of computer graphics. The team made a great effort to transport the equipment to the sets and set it up.

Goraath comments: “High peaks correspond to immense abysses. The story takes place in tormented glaciers and dark rock gorges. It’s an apogee and hypogeum journey whose destination is still the deepest ‘self’. Nanga Parbat is one of the 14 peaks on the planet that exceed 8000 meters. It’s not the highest, but the largest mountain in the entire globe. The first climb by Austrian Hermann Buhl fascinated me so much and I decided to write this song.

Buhl started the climb alone in the middle of the night, disregarding the orders. He found himself into a glacial desert where the perception of size is impossible. He reached the summit and, seized by darkness on his way back, spent the night outdoors in the middle of the ‘death zone’. During the descent he was caught by hallucinations, apparitions of ghostly companions, quarrels and dialogues with his shadow, until he managed to drag himself to base camp with frozen hands and feet.

In order to represent these ruthless glaciers and these immense peaks, we chose East Wall of Monte Rosa as video’s location: 2,000 meters of glacial flows join together to flow into Belvedere Glacier, main scene of the shooting, done also by drones.

We placed the band underground, in the almost total absence of light, inside the spectacular Uriezzo Gorges, ghostly gorges carved by the inexorable action of ice and water. In both these places the unshakeable creative and destructive power of nature is palpable. And mankind is necessarily brought back to his perhaps unique and exclusive role as ‘eye’ and witness, and to his greatest mission as a seeker of himself, hovering between shining peaks and narrow depths”.

The video for “Nanga Parbat” has been shot in 10 days. Over 100 hours has been spent for the post-production.

The band thanks Simone Marzullo (ARGESH, ADVERSAM, HHG), as actor and shooting assistant, along with Aracne (set design, set-up and team coordination).

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