STRANGER VISION – release the digital EP collection “Visions from Space and Mind”

Italian melodic metal band STRANGER VISION is unstoppable! After releasing their highly acclaimed debut album “Poetica” on March 26th 2021 via Pride & Joy Music, the band has just made available the EP “Visions from Space and Mind” via Spotify. The 4-tracks record features the cover songs released in 2020.

The first 3 covers are based on Gurdjieff’s theory. According to him music and universe are connected. So we decided to present our music choosing 3 songs about the world (‘Madworld’), the Moon (‘Moonshield’) and the universe (‘Space Oddity’). The fourth one is the Blind Guardian cover. Our version of ‘Bright Eyes’ won the Imaginations Song Contest launched by Blind Guardian a few months ago”, comments the band.

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‘Before The Law’:
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“Poetica” is a long musical journey showing STRANGER VISION’s talent for creating memorable riffs, epic vocal melodies, compelling rhythms, moderate orchestrations, while working out a quite unique conceptual approach for their genre.

The interest of STRANGER VISION in human sciences – with special regard to literature, poetry and philosophy – is deepened in thoughtful lyrics, yet open to free interpretation. “Poetica” is not a concept album, but the universal value of the topics will thrill the listener at least as much as the band’s music.

“Poetica” features some prestigious international special guests, such as Zachary Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle, Archon Angel), Alessandro Conti (Trick Or Treat, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Twilight Force), who created also the stunning artwork, Alessia Scolletti (Temperance), Fabio Dessi (Hollow Haze, Arthemis) and Guido Benedetti (Trick Or Treat).

Drums, bass and guitars were recorded by Simone Bertozzi at Domination Studio, while the vocals were captured at White Studio in Modena by Ivan Adami, STRANGER VISION’s frontman. The mixing and mastering duties were handled by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at the renowned Domination Studio in San Marino.

1. Awakening Prelude
2. Gates of Tomorrow
3. Human Change
4. Soul Redemption
5. Never Give Up
6. Memories of You
7. The Dying Light
8. Rage
9. Over and Over
10. Before the Law
11. Wish
12. Defying Gravity
13. Hero of the New World
14. Invictus
15. Soul Redemption – Deep Version


Is there still a chance for melodic metal to sound fresh and original, without losing its authentic and charming spirit? If you believe that the answer is “no”, you have probably never listened to STRANGER VISION.

STRANGER VISION were born in 2019, aiming to create and realize an extremely personal vision and sound. Catchy music, but not cheesy. Magniloquent, but not tawdry. Technical, but not complex. Modern, but not pimp. And powerful, above all.

The captivating energy of STRANGER VISION comes from the toughness of an exquisitely metal impact and the penetrating power of the melodies. Their style is proficient at generating violent and pleasant sensations, both on artistic and emotional level.

Despite the rich songwriting and accurate arrangements, the creative process of STRANGER VISION is very free and spontaneous. Some sources of inspiration can be found in the limitless storytelling skills of Savatage, the percussive intensity of Symphony X and the fluent harmonic layers of Blind Guardian and In Flames, but any influence is deeply reworked by the unique personality of the band.

The band’s involvement in the contemporary metal scene is testified to the high expectations that already surround the group, after the sensational covers of Space Oddity (David Bowie), Mad World (Tears For Fears) and Moonshield (In Flames), shared freely by STRANGER VISION during the difficult times of the lockdown.

Is there still a chance for melodic metal to sound fresh and original, without losing its authentic and charming spirit? The answer is “yes”. Its name is STRANGER VISION.

Ivan Adami – vocals
Riccardo Toni – guitars
Gabriele Sarti – keyboards
Daniele Morini – bass
Luca Giacopini – drums