SUPERHORROR – new album “Italians Die Better” OUT TODAY!

Today, horror punk-metal outfit SUPERHORROR release the new studio album “Italians Die Better” digitally to allow all listeners to enjoy new music during the lockdown. The vinyl version will be available as soon as possible, stay tuned to the band’s channels for updates.

The album has been released via Krach Records, the new label launched by producer Fabio Silver Perissinotto (

To celebrate the record and to dampen the wait to go on stage again, the band unveils a new single accompanied by an energetic video that best expresses the power of SUPERHORROR live. Watch ‘Graveyard Dolce Vita’ here:

“The current situation is keeping us away from the stages, and unfortunately it forces us to postpone the release of the physical album. But we don’t give up, ‘Italians Die Better’ is available now on digital platforms, accompanied by a new single in pure Superhorror spirit, entitled ‘Graveyard Dolce Vita’. Listen to the record, memorize it and get ready to sing it at the top of your voice when we will come back to play and have fun together!”, comments Edward J. Freak.

Buy/stream “Italians Die Better” here:

More about “Italians Die Better”:
‘Sultans Of Sin’ OFFICIAL VIDEO:
‘Pensiero Violento’ (featuring Irene Viboras) OFFICIAL VIDEO:

“Italians Die Better” has been written and produced by the band. SUPERHORROR took care of the whole creative and technical process, from recordings to artwork and packaging design.

“Only the dead are able to better express dead’s sound”, comments SUPERHORROR frontman Edward J. Freak. “For the first time in 15 years, on ‘Italians Die Better’ we decided to make the most of acquired skills after the resurrection, in order to make exactly the album we conceived, avoiding living people intrusion. We are very happy about the final result!”.

1 – Italians Die Better
2 – Average Horror Band
3 – Sultans Of Sin
4 – Happy Dead
5 – Goat
6 – Die As You Are
7 – Six Feet Above Ground
8 – L2D
9 – Haitian Rhapsody
10 – Graveyard Dolce Vita
11 – Pensiero Violento (Bonus – feat. Irene Viboras)

SUPERHORROR’s music has a peculiarity, it deals with the fact of being dead and struggling to find a place in a society dominated by living people. The band is constantly evolving, due to its inner duality: SUPERHORROR are not simple living dead, calling them “zombies” is quite reductive, they are evil dead spirits haunting living bodies, and this condition leads to a fight between the living and the dead parts, the show-machine and the artistic side.

Since the very beginning, their strength has been their live performances, costumes, make-up and the furious personalities on stage have always caught the audience’s attention, leading the band to perform all over their country and in Germany, France, Switzerland, U.K., Netherlands, Baltic States, always finding new fans thanks to their genuine entertaining shows.

Edward J. Freak – Vocals
Mr.4 – Bass
Didi Bukz – Guitars
Jimi – Guitars
Franky Voltage – Drums

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