Swedish Psych Doom masters CITIES OF MARS, revealing cover artwork and track-list, preorders active

Swedish Psych Doom masters CITIES OF MARS reveal cover artwork and track-list of their highly anticipated new album “Temporal Rifts”; release date Sept 29th, 2017 via ARGONAUTA Records.

CD / LP / DD pre-orders run now:
CD: http://bit.ly/2eZGchk
LP: http://bit.ly/2vl1SLZ
DD: http://apple.co/2vaWzOI

“It is with great expectation we get closer to the release of Temporal Rifts, our first proper album, on Argonauta Records” the band says “Once again our good friend Axel Widén has conjured a piece of art for our evolving saga. Common lyrical themes throughout these five songs are various transitions, transformations and shifts from one set of reality into another, therefore the portal theme suits the album very well. All these songs are set in a distant past in our story, thousands of years before our main character Nadia enters the scene. Upon release, all songs will have a timeline year and a brief piece of background story available on our webpage www.citiesofmars.se”.

The first single ENVOY OF MURDER is available here.

1. Doors of Dark Matter Pt 1: Barriers
2. Envoy of Murder
3. Gula, a Bitter Embrace
4. Children Of The Red Sea
5. Caverns Alive!