THAL – full album streaming. “Reach for The Dragon’s Eye” out on Friday Feb 16

U.S. Stoner Rockers THAL teamed-up with DOOMED AND STONED to stream their upcoming new album in full.
“Reach for The Dragon’s Eye” exclusive premiere is available here.

THAL (The Heathens Are Loose) is a collaboration between John “Vince Green” Walker and Kevin Hartnell, and confronts the ugliness of daily life with a dose of pessimism processed through an esoteric filter. Stories of despair put to one hell of a riff.

“The new record has THAL continuing to kick major, major behind, but with a renewed sense of purpose and resolve. It’s as if DOWN and KYUSS had met for a handshake and bumped into ACID BATH.” Doomed and Stoned says.

The album streaming comes along with an exclusive interview to the band as well as a track by track description.

THAL “Reach for the Dragon’s Eye” will be released by Argonauta Records and available from February 16th, 2018. Orders run here: