VIRTUAL SYMMETRY – release their new album “Exoverse” today!

Today Swiss-Italian progressive metal masters VIRTUAL SYMMETRY release their sophomore full-length album “Exoverse”.

“Exoverse” is their first concept album, telling the story about a hero traveling to a new dimension beyond the known universe in order to discover himself.

The opus was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Bath, UK and it features many special guests, such as legendary drummer Thomas Lang, DREAM THEATER’s keyboardist Jordan Rudess, saxophonist Ruben Paganelli and the symphonic orchestra Sinfonietta Consonus, EVERGREY’s Tom S. Englund, singer Jennifer Vargas and the gospel choir NuVoices Project.

The full list of special guests is below:
Thomas Lang – drums
Jordan Rudess – keyboards (tracks 1, 8 and “secret track”)
Tom S. Englund – Vocals (track 5)
Simone Campete – Orchestra (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8)
Sinfonietta Consonus – Symphonic Orchestra (tracks 3, 6, 8)
Ruben Paganelli – Sax (track 6)
Jennifer Vargas – Soprano (track 6)
The Nuvoices Project – Gospel chorus (track 8)

“Exoverse” is available in the following formats:
– Collector’s Edition – “Exoverse” Digibook (2 CD), “Exoverse” Digipack (2 CD), exclusive t-shirt
– Premium Edition – “Exoverse” Digipack (2 CD), T-Shirt “Exoverse” cover
– “Exoverse” Digipack (2 CD)
– T-Shirt “Exoverse” cover

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Recently the band unveiled the first 2 singles:
‘Exodus’ – feat. Tom Englund:
‘Entropia’ – feat. Jordan Rudess – instrumental track
‘Remember’ – feat. Thomas Lang:

VIRTUAL SYMMETRY are a revelation in the progressive metal universe, stunning their fans and listeners. Influenced by classical music and contemporary metal, the band showcases a unique style characterized by epic suites and cinematic elements. Balancing melody and technique, they lead the listeners through a dynamic and emotional journey in each track.

The track listing reads as follows:
01 – Entropia
02 – XI
03 – Odyssey
04 – Vortex
05 – Exodus
06 – Remember
07 – Safe
08 – Exoverse suite

Marco Pastorino – Vocals
Valerio Æsir Villa – Guitars
Marco ‘Mark’ Bravi – Keyboards
Alessandro Poppale – Bass guitars
Alfonso Mocerino – Drums

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