VOLTUMNA – unveil the first single “The Megalithic Circle” from the new record “Ciclope”. Pre-orders available!

Black death power trio VOLTUMNA recently signed a new worldwide record deal with Extreme Metal Music. Today the band presents the first single taken from their upcoming record “Ciclope”.

Watch the official video for “The Megalithic Circle”: https://youtu.be/585eSUD1Ong

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ITUNES (Instant Grat) https://apple.co/2IPeNeg

Band’s mastermind, Haruspex, comments: “‘The Megalithic Circle is the first single from our new album Ciclope. Our landscapes are studded with these spiritual circles made in an ancient past. They are a junction point for three worlds: the celestial one, the earthly one, and the infernal one. We need to enter this passage, close the circle and initiate the double spiral process”.

The fourth VOLTUMNA’s opus will be released on December 13, 2019 and the pre-orders are available here: http://bit.ly/Ciclope_CD 

Save “Ciclope” digitally: https://backl.ink/76763463

“Ciclope” marks a huge progression on a technical and melodic level, confirming the strong personality of a band now able to master an absolutely original style and concept.

“‘Ciclope’ will be heavy as a Giant’s step, atmospheric as the mist and evoking as a dark ritual chorus; all mixed like the band has already experienced in the past. It is our most expressive and introspective work. Every song is a step into the deep abyss of the past, into the unknown, where reality and mythic visions are just one. Where did we come from? And where will we arrive? This is the double spiral and the Etruscans well knew what we are approaching”, explains the drummer Augur Veii.

The artwork has been created by Viron2.0 aka Stefano Mattioni.

Fueled by an ancestral binding with their Etruscan roots, the music and concept of VOLTUMNA aren’t related to any contemporary ideological, cultural and religious movement, focusing instead on a historical and anthropological reinterpretation of the Ancient Wars.

The VOLTUMNA time machine welcomes on board everybody who loves the most advanced shape of extreme metal, maintaining at the same time the gaze turned to the ancient principles ​​of a glorious past. The journey promises to be brutally exciting.


“Ciclope” track listing reads as follow:

01 – Entering The Wrong Circle

02 – Collapsed Island

03 – The Megalithic Circle

04 – Cosmos

05 – La Furia Dei Ciclopi

06 – Divine Bloodline

07 – Hybris

08 – The Double Spiral

09 – When Giants Walk This Earth

10 – Sublime Astral Conception



Haruspex (Michele Valentini) – guitars, vocals

Phersu (Emiliano Natali) – vocal, bass, programming

Augur Veii (Edoardo Di Santo) – drums


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