VOLTUMNA – unveil the new single for ‘Hybris’. “Ciclope” OUT NOW!

The time has come! Today, the black death trio VOLTUMNA is glad to release the new album “Ciclope”, now available worldwide via Extreme Metal Music.

Band’s mastermind, Haruspex, comments: “Finally we release our fourth album “Ciclope”, the most cohesive, solid and touched record in our career. All the compositional limits we had, have been demolished and we gave free rein to all the ideas and feelings, following a myth-historical theme whose metaphors and concepts are more relevant than ever. Ciclope follows a basic philosophy that we can define almost Cosmic and the various songs follow a trend that tries to capture all its facets putting them in music or at least that’s what it’s been for us. It is aggressive and at the same time melodic, as Voltumna style is, but you will find much more in this new album. An introspective journey into the abyss of ourselves to awaken something of Giant.”

“Ciclope” is now available physically and digitally here: https://smarturl.it/VoltumnaCiclope

To celebrate this important milestone, the band unveils the third single, ‘Hybris’.

Listen to the new song on YouTube: 

One of the most direct track of the entire album” states Haruspex and adds:a song that can contain on its own a lot of what will be expressed in the full-length. The lyrics, clearly of mythological origin, speak of this arrogance that was damage for many in the past and it is for others now. And again, we wanted to dare and we did it in terms of speed, in the choice of sounds, in the use of synths, in grooves.”

Watch previous videos on YouTube:

“La Furia dei Ciclopi”: https://youtu.be/cMUa4j3jb5Y 

“The Megalithic Circle”: https://youtu.be/585eSUD1Ong

“Ciclope” marks a huge progression on a technical and melodic level, confirming the strong personality of a band now able to master an absolutely original style and concept.

The artwork has been created by Viron2.0 aka Stefano Mattioni.

Fueled by an ancestral binding with their Etruscan roots, the music and concept of VOLTUMNA aren’t related to any contemporary ideological, cultural and religious movement, focusing instead on a historical and anthropological reinterpretation of the Ancient Wars.

The VOLTUMNA time machine welcomes on board everybody who loves the most advanced shape of extreme metal, maintaining at the same time the gaze turned to the ancient principles of a glorious past. The journey promises to be brutally exciting.

“Ciclope” track listing reads as follow:

01 – Entering The Wrong Circle

02 – Collapsed Island 

03 – The Megalithic Circle  

04 – Cosmos

05 – La Furia Dei Ciclopi 

06 – Divine Bloodline

07 – Hybris

08 – The Double Spiral

09 – When Giants Walk This Earth

10 – Sublime Astral Conception


Haruspex (Michele Valentini) – guitars, vocals

Phersu (Emiliano Natali) – vocal, bass, programming

Augur Veii (Edoardo Di Santo) – drums

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