VOLTUMNA – unveil the new single “Vanth”. New EP “For Death Is Fate” OUT NOW!

Today VOLTUMNA release their new EP “For Death Is Fate”. To celebrate their comeback the band also unveils the visualizer for the track “Vanth”.

WATCH IT HERE: https://youtu.be/p8nmjKgJxkM

The band states: “‘Vanth’ is the muse behind ‘For Death Is Fate,’ featured on the EP’s cover. She accompanies the deceased with the Etruscan Charun on their last journey. Her torch illuminates the darkness and points the way into Hades. ‘Vanth’ is definitely the most decisive and extreme track from the EP, a track which perfectly reconciles our death metal roots with the new path taken by the band.

BUY THE EP HERE: https://voltumna.bandcamp.com/album/for-death-is-fate

The Lazio lineup is led by guitarist, vocalist and sole original member Haruspex, now joined by drummer Augur Veii and singer, bassist, producer and main composer Phersu.

The genre proposed by VOLTUMNA can fall under the current of blackened death metal of the Polish school. A style that, while partly drawing on the sounds of the best Behemoth, over time has been able to enrich itself with the most varied influences, from the Swedish death metal of At The Gates and Dismember to the melodic black metal of Dissection, Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir.

Armed with an ancestral connection to their Etruscan roots, VOLTUMNA‘s concept and music focus on a historical and anthropological reinterpretation of the ancient world followed by a harsh critique of the long and inexorable phase of decay that runs through the modern world.


Below are the first confirmed live dates of VOLTUMNA:

09.02 Rome – Defrag (Release Party)

23.02 Maribor (Slo) – Dvorana Gustav Pekarna

24.02 Bratislava (Sk) – Randal Club

18.05 Schwedt (Ger) – Devil’s Covenant Fest

19.05 – 26.05 – Polish and Baltic Tour