WE CAME AS ROMANS – lanciano il video di ‘Wasted Age’

I WE CAME AS ROMANS hanno appena lanciato il video di ‘Wasted Age’. Guardalo qui:

La traccia è tratta dal nuovo album “Cold Like War”, uscito su SharpTone Records. Compra musica e merchandise qui.

Guarda i video di:
‘Foreign Fire’https://youtu.be/oENP1R2G0g8
‘Cold Like War’https://youtu.be/k3zUWxdYd54
‘Lost In The Moment’https://youtu.be/KPevO6F-ZNk

1. Vultures With Clipped Wings
2. Cold Like War
3. Two Hands
4. Lost In The Moment
5. Foreign Fire
6. Wasted Age
7. Encoder
8. If There’s Something To See (Feat. Eric Vanlerberghe from I PREVAIL)
9. Promise Me
10. Learning To Survive

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