CHRIS CATENA’S ROCK CITY TRIBE – release the new single “Freight Train”

CHRIS CATENA’S ROCK CITY TRIBE, the all-stars hard rock project from the Italian rock vocalist Chris Catena, is back with the new single “Freight Train”. The song was produced by Glen Robinson (George Martin, The Beatles’ producer, Keith Richards, Ramones, Voivod, Metal Church, Nashville Pussy, Annihilator, Queensrÿche, U2, Humble Pie, GWAR, etc).

“Freight Train” is an unreleased song and it isn’t included on the album “Truth in Unity”, released last year via Grooveyard Records. “Freight Train” is n hard rock anthem with a country flavour. The song features Alex Giuliani (drums), Alexandra Maiolo (guitars), Marco Fiormonti (bass), Marco Bartoccioni (banjo, dobro, slide, and acoustic guitars), Sara Facciolo (chorus and acoustic guitars), Valentina De Juliis (Keyboards) and Veronica Intorcia (chorus).

The video was shot by Jack Lukas Laugeni at Talus stables, close to Rome (Italy).

Chris Catena is currently working as director of opera in Bulgaria, Italy and Romania.

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