Dumhetens Gudinna is the first track off Tid’s new album “Fix Idé”

Dumhetens Gudinna is the first track off Tid’s new album “Fix Idé“.

With Tid being a band set out to explore and invent, what you will hear here is not your everyday riffing orchestra. What we all hear or see in our dreams might be hard for some to put into reality, but Tid is set on doing just this. What imagination spawns is at times far more interesting than what current musical rules or stream of thought dictate.

A disgusting and sexual steady disco beat stands as platform for a chant to the Goddess of Stupidity: sounds and suggestions filled with references to musical styles well beyond those so many people are shackled and held back by. Come dance with Tid in this hymn to whats the worst of you and me, me and you.

Good music for bad people.
Dance music for sitters.
Hate music for lovers.
Dark music for bright people.

M from Tid comments: “We are proud to present you ”Dumhetens Gudinna” – the first song you get to hear from our new album ”Fix Idé”, and also the first new music you get from us in six years. It feels good to be back sharing new music with you. As different, scary and new it might seem – give it a listen, give it a thought.

Like an all night party at your neighbors, keeping you awake till dawn: this is the sound of apocalyptic dance music. We love it.”

Dumhetens Gudinna is the first single from Tid´s third album Fix Idé that is set to be released 7th of October. Tid is a Swedish four piece orchestra that makes music best described as dark and dramatic, on the verge to filmscores; that being the main influence for their music. Majestic, mystic and dreamlike music that brings pictures and scenarios to mind. Like a suggestive soundtrack to the escape from the everyday world. Tid is flirting with musical styles long since forbidden by the anxious and wary, thus expressing a wide range of feelings and ideas that might have a positive effect on the stagnated yet seeking and exploring music lovers in the world.