NEXORUM – release the title track from their debut album. “Death Unchained” OUT NOW!

Today is the day! Finally blackened death metallers NEXORUM unleash their debut album “Death Unchained” via Non Serviam Records.

To celebrate the event these Norsemen offer us the official visualizer for the title track

The band states: “Holy f**k, it’s out! After the amazing feedback we’ve received since the release of our first two singles, (not to mention the stellar reviews that keep pouring in!) we are truly excited, and immensely proud to FINALLY be able to present ‘Death Unchained’ as a whole to you all! Looking back at these last years of writing, recording, mixing…. Re-writing, re-recording and re-mixing these songs, it is an amazing feeling to finally have the CD in our hands! A huge thanks to Ricardo Gelok and Non Serviam Records for helping us with this release, it’s been a real pleasure working together. Now, onwards into the abyss!“.

“Death Unchained” is available at Non Serviam Records webshop:


Get the album digitally here:

NEXORUM comment about the album: “We all love playing and listening to music and of course the brutality and intensity of extreme metal. I think it is apparent that the album is written with passion when listening to it. We’re not trying to make groundbreaking music or show of how technically we are able to play; we just want to deliver a solid album that we can be proud of!”.

The amazing artwork has been created by the Polish renowned artist Rafal Wechterowicz.

Track listing:
1. Saligia Moralis Codice
2. Procession of the Damned
3. Great Horned King
4. Retribution
5. Death Unchained
6. Antediluvian Purification
7. Cataclysmic Rebirth
8. Diaboli Stragis
9. The Luciferian Descent
10. Murderer

Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, the band consists of members from KEEP OF KALESSIN, KHONSU, CHTON, VECORDIOUS among others.

More about “Death Unchained”
‘Saligia Moralis Codice’ OFFICIAL VIDEO:
“Great Horned King” OFFICIAL VIDEO:

Saturday, 14 March 2020 Good Omens, Trondheim (Norway) w/ Blood Red Throne

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