NIBIRU re-release first two albums through ARGONAUTA Records

Ritual Psych Sludge trio NIBIRU are going to re-release their first two albums through ARGONAUTA Records. “Caosgon” (2013) and “Netrayoni” (2014) got great feedback across the board, being top albums on many relevant channels. With their unique blend of Drone, Doom, Sludge, NIBIRU are authors of an impressive wall of sound where the extreme art of improvisation has its natural home. Both albums will be again available on January 19th, 2015. The band is now working on the new album, to be released early 2015. Expect a blast!

“Nibiru are one of the new breed of Italian Sludge Metal bands and they have potential to be one of the most creative and forward thinking bands within the scene”. The SludgeLord

“This is the sort of spaced out, improv-damaged, heavier-than-thou ritual we know you all love, we do!” Roadburn, album of the day column