NUDIST signed to Argonauta Records

Thrilled to announce that we inked a deal with Italian Post-Sludgers NUDIST, their new album “Bury the Innocence” will be released March 20th, 2017.
The project Nudist born in 2008 as a Noise Instrumental Power Trio and two self-produced albums: “Nudist” and “Appetizer for Monsters”. After line-up changes, Gabo and France have found in Lore a worthy travel companion. From there they started an evolution, still in place, of style and sound. With the inclusion of vocals, their third album “See The Light Beyond The Spiral” (2015) have resulted in sounds ranging from post-metal, sludge and post-hardcore.
“Do you miss bands like Breach, Knut, Ken Mode? That mammoth and bludgeoning sludge riffing thrown against an unrelenting wall of bleak and blinding hardcore rage? Then NUDIST is the band for you.” CVLT NATION
NUDIST are used to have intense live activity, opening in Italy for acts as Red Fang, Jucifer, ZU, Conan and more, and touring in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. In August 2016 they recorded their new album “Bury my Innocence”, to be released in CD/DD by Argonauta Records and available from March 20th. The songs were recorded live in a small theater in Prato, edited by Niccolò Gallio and later mixed and mastered by the expert hands of Eraldo Bernocchi.

Band motto: “STAY NUDE, STAY RUDE”

Line up:
France – Drums
Gabo – Guitars & Synth
Lore – Bass & Vocals