SHABDA, in collaboration with ARGONAUTA Records, for NEPAL

As you all know, on April 25 Nepal was shaken from the bowels of earth, affecting 8 million people, more than 5,000 confirmed victims, which could reach up to 10,000 according to recent estimates, as more than half of the population of Nepal constitutes of children. This earthquake is a karmic event we all have to put the utmost attention on, because the external wounds are only the outward manifestation of the lacerations that already happened in the depths of human soul. Now it’s time to help. Shabda, in partnership with Argonauta Records, will actively support the populations affected by the earthquake by donating 1 euro for each copy sold of the forthcoming Pharmakon/Pharmakos album to Nepalese children through Save the Children. In the while Marco, with his Zenpunk poster brand, will donate to the same association his entire royalties from sales of his new poster that is available on the Argonauta shop here: For more informations and to actively contribute and support this initiative, please contact Marco at