We’re proud to announce a new band in the ARGONAUTA Records family: NAAT.

NAAT is a huge blend of instrumental post metal, doom and sludge coming from Genoa, Italy, born in 2014 by founder members of Antea, Lilium and Stone Smokers, three bands that attended Rock, Metal and Stoner scene for years in Northern Italy.

The intention is to revise the personal musical ideas of each member and produce a preconceptions-free sound experience.

“Power” and “Atmosphere” are blend, accompanying the listener between peaks and sudden vertical drops where the dynamics develop and crumble into an instrumental kind of “stream of consciousness”.

The band says: “We are very happy to inked a deal with Argonauta Records, a label fitting so well in a music scene we know and where we want to carve out our own space. We are convinced that our approach to “metal and similar” is something to involve a good deal of fans. We look forward to the efforts of the past year are finally released; we are ready to bring our music live on stage! We would like particularly to thank Mattia Cominotto and Greenfog Studio of Genoa for helping us so much in the recording process, with dedication and advice; we are very pleased with our record and it is mostly his merit!”

The first single “Baltoro” is available here.

“Self-titled” album due Fall 2016.