GEOMETRY OF CHAOS – unveils the lyric for the new single “Idolatry”

Turin (Italy) based GEOMETRY OF CHAOS have just unveiled the lyric video for their new single “Idolatry”. The song is taken from their debut album “Soldiers of the New World Order”. “‘Idolatry’ is about the relationship between mankind and their idols, the miths and the faith. It is a detached and non-moralising look at the human predisposition to worship higher beings, whether spiritual or in the flesh. Sometimes idolatry leads to fanaticism, other times it is limited to a spiritual connection with something divine’, explains the band.


LISTEN TO “Idolatry” HERE:

“Soldiers of the New World Order” is available here:

GEOMETRY OF CHAOS are the new project of Fabio La Manna (guitars, bass, songwriter) along with the drummer Davide Cardella. They were born from the ashes of their previous band, Alchemy Room. The debut album “Soldiers of the New World Order” features Marcello Vieira, Ethan Cronin and Elena Lippe as guest vocalists. GEOMETRY OF CHAOS play a fresh new progressive metal with a lot of influences from classic rock and cinematic music.

GEOMETRY OF CHAOS’s music is dynamic, progressive, atmospheric, melodic and wild. “Soldiers of the New World Order” is a fascinating experience. It’s not an easy journey: you need to devote your attention and identify with it. “Soldiers of the New World Order” is a concept album about the current world situation. The New World Order is a government which controls everything: money, politics and human beings’ life. “Indeed, it’s a very different situation compared to the real one, because on the album people know that their freedom is really fictitious. The awareness is different, but there is a feeling of helplessness and resignation. They seem to accept this state of slavery“, says Fabio La Manna.

The track listing of “Soldiers of The New World Order” reads as follows:
1. Idolatry
2. Joker’s Dance
3. Spiral Staircase
4. Garage Evil
5. Observer
6. Saturated
7. Premonition
8. Soldiers Of The New World Order